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How to seek?

Discussion in 'SMSC' started by Admin, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Admin Administrator

    1) Download Center Tester Beta Fulvian: http://rs278.rapidshare.com/files/198454471/CenterTester-Beta-Fulvian.zip

    2) Plug your phone via USB …(or other methods like Bluetooth)

    3) Launch Center Tester Beta Fulvian

    4) Select settings in view tab at the top

    5) In recipients add your number which you wish to send to, which you want to check if the smsc works or not

    6) Go to option1 and at the bottom select a COM (the one which u have connected to, or if you do not know which, try each one for the one that works)

    7) You can choose what you want to write in the text by clicking on "text to be sent" and editing the box

    8) Go on file and select load, click on the text formatted document in which you have the numbers you wish to seek

    9) Click start and it should start to test each smsc from the top to bottom

    Sometimes there are a few problems with Center Tester Beta Fulvian:

    1) Center Tester Beta Fulvian won't open
    Ø download and install java

    2) Center Tester Beta Fulvian cannot find the com port
    Ø You MUST connect your phone to PC before starting the seeker programme
    Ø You MUST use windows xp (sometimes Center Tester Beta Fulvian doesn’t work on windows vista or xp

    3) Impossible to seek, says Testing then ready:
    Ø There are a few phone whith doesn't support seeking (like iPhone.)
  2. bsideguy New Member

    i need help in getting this software
  3. mosh New Member

    thank you for this tutorial got it up and running :)
  4. Macus Peterson New Member

    My windows edition is "Windows 7 Ultimate" does it works on this windows as well? Because am finding it hard to get it running even if it opens well

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