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Karcher WV50 Window Cleaning Vacuum in store only further reduced to £18 (from £70)

Discussion in 'Bargain Basement' started by Golden Retriever, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. Golden Retriever New Member

    Found by highland2010

    Karcher WV50 Window Cleaning Vacuum in store only further reduced to £18, was £70 then37, Amazon £50 mains charged battery powered cleaner The link is to the Extra catalogue page to give the description they had loads, with pressure washers and also in main sale bit ,£37 sale stickers still on them but shelf edge is £18 and scan at that too, customer price checker is close by too if you want to double check! sorry do not have scan or picture so please do not give neg because of that, i saw this morning, when getting paper , and had nowt to take pic with, thought better to post if anyone is interested rather than not bother, this was in Inverness Extra FYI


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