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Refurbished Galaxy Note7 benchmarked, found spry and limber

Discussion in 'Home Page News' started by Golden Retriever, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Golden Retriever Active Member

    The refurbished Galaxy Note7 - be it the Note7R or Note FE - has left footprints in the Geekbench fields. A good tracker will easily tell that the beast has an Exynos 8890 heart, but is it beating at full strength? The benchmark detected a clock frequency of 1.6GHz - matching the speed of the power-efficient cluster of the original. Unfortunately, it did not detect the clockspeed of the more capable cluster. RAM remains unchanged at 4GB, as expected. Here is how the processor stacks up against some recent high-end offerings. .jrGraphContainer { background: none !important;...

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