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Ultra's Hydra: Ohio's full-featured 2GB MP3 player for just $60

Discussion in 'Home Page News' started by Golden Retriever, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. Golden Retriever Active Member

    Filed under: Portable Audio
    Surely the Ultra Hydra is just another re-badged Chinese import, right? Maybe, but this 0.8-ounce / 2.9 x 1.5 x 0.9-inch splashproof DAP is said to hail from a place much more exotic... Fletcher, Ohio. The Hydra comes in either 1GB or 2GB flavors and features an integrated FM radio, USB 2.0 for both quick data transfer and charging the bundled AAA battery. On a good day, that battery will bust-out a modest 8-hour playback of your MP3, WMA, and WAV files and even them crazy-low, 8kbps bit-rate ACTs generally used for low-quality audio recordings -- so yeah, it includes a voice recorder, too. And just like we likey, the Hydra supports USB mass storage allowing you to easily drag and drop music to the player, or any file for that matter for some good, USB flash drive portability. We assume it also supports DRM'd WMA playback since the player will be launching with Ultra's, or should we say PassAlong Network's, NepTUNES music service which is PlaysForSure certified. So what's the fuss, Gus? Well, prices start at just $40 for the 1GB model or a righteous $60 for the 2-gigger. You go Bucks!

    Update: Ah ha! It is a rebadged unit as Jordy points out in the comments. May your lake burn as punishment Ohio!
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