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Jun 22, 2003
Apr 25, 2003
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New Member, from Portsmouth

$erYal_KillAh_Pompey_657 was last seen:
Jun 22, 2003
    1. kinn
      kinne_bu@yahoo.com How are you doing today hope fine.My name
      is kinne.I just came accross your profile here and after
      going through it l found you intresting hope you don't
      mind.If you feel like knowing more about me and for me to
      send you my picture,you can send me mail at
      (kinne_bu@yahoo.com) Hope to hear from you soon,have a nice
      day. Kinne
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    Even as a youngster causin' rucks on the back of the bus
    i was a fool all through high school kickin' up dust
    But now I'm labelled as a trouble maker who can you blame?
    Smokin' weed helped me take away the pain
    So I'm hopeless rollin' down the freeway swervin, don't worry
    I'm about to crash up on the curb cause my visions blurry
    Maybe if they tried to understand me, what should I do?
    I had to feed my fuckin' family, what else could I do
    but be a thug
    out slangin' with the homies
    fuck hangin' with them phonies in the club
    got my mind on danger
    never been a stranger to homicide
    my cities full of gang bangers and drive bys, Why do we have to tell lies?