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  1. neeraj
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    i here but i goin in a sec bored
    Post by: neeraj, Aug 13, 2007 in forum: The Lounge
  5. neeraj


    don't it say who u " referred "
    Post by: neeraj, Jul 26, 2007 in forum: The Lounge
  6. neeraj
  7. neeraj
    happy bday have gd day n nite
    Post by: neeraj, Jul 20, 2007 in forum: The Lounge
  8. neeraj
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  11. neeraj
  12. neeraj
  13. neeraj
    it does work on o2 just has a delay
    Post by: neeraj, Jun 21, 2007 in forum: SMSC
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