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105-Key RGB LED Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Admin, Feb 28, 2018.

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  1. Admin Administrator


    This is a good budget mechanical keyboard with blue switches. It's very easy to setup, just connect the USB cable and any modern OS such as Windows 10 should automatically install the appropriate drivers.

    Each row has its own colour with 6 different LED backlit shades from top to bottom. The function key combinations allow you cycle through various modes such as "breathing" and multimedia functions such as volume, etc.

    In everyday use, there is a distinct tactile feel with an audible click sound and feels just as responsive as the more expensive keyboards with Cherry MX switches.

    I should also mention the UK keyboard layout so the £ pound sign is present unlike numerous alternatives which have the US layout and $ dollar sign.

    The palm rest is detachable for those who want to save space and a bonus key cap puller is included as well.

    This has so far survived a glass of water being poured onto the keys with nothing untoward occurring and is a testament to its excellent build quality.

    3 year warranty as standard for peace of mind.

    Overall I would recommend this for those on a budget under £50.

Thread Status:
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