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Discussion in 'SMSC' started by carro, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. carro New Member


    thanks to me!!!!!!!
  2. 443 New Member

    It doesn't work on SMART :/ Which SIM card are you using, carro?
  3. uwongjowo New Member

  4. navinkv Professional Member

  5. carro New Member

  6. kaland Member

    This centa is an old known s$s... and it is from Cambodia, not Hong Kong ...

    Nice try, mate... :D
  7. karfiol New Member

    Yes, Hong Kong is +852. :D

    Added: s&s for all of my cards
  8. metabolis New Member

    doesn't work on meditel(Morocco)
  9. blitzerz Ex-Seeker

    s&s for me :(
  10. Jonesy New Member

    most of these +855 are s & s. i can remeber when these worked on orangfe a coulpe of years back, didnt last long tho lol
  11. a_i786 New Member

  12. Darktone Supervisor

    doesnt work for me
  13. Fulvian Forgotten Member

    Yeah, try these ones too: (S&S) :lol: :D :lol:
  14. chocice New Member

    Hmm i remeber this one worked months back started s n s. Worked for a bit then stopped but went back to s ns. By the way when it worked i think it only sent the txt if the phone was on and seekers remember this :D

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