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7250i sorted!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Mobile Unlocking' started by mprs, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. mprs New Member

    how to unlock my 7250i

    i need to undo the restriction on my 7250i ive got a lead now what :eek:
  2. Now nothing....lol

    Is it blocked to a network, or blocked to all networks? (No signal etc)
  3. dill_danny smsc4you*****.co.uk

    yer how is it blocked
  4. mprs New Member

    on power up it says pnone restricted and wont let me do anythink exept enter restriction code.it is set to orange
  5. Rudeboy New Member

    here mail me on rudeboy_56@hotmail.com add me to your msn contacts if u have 1 or mail me the imei and i will send u the restriction code ok....safe..in a bit...........
  6. mprs New Member

    what a d**k i didnt realize i had to remove my sim card before entering codes duhhhhhhh :p
  7. mani13 Member

    If you mobile displays Restriction Code, then it is locked with some network and requires a code to be entered, to allow your mobile to use any network.
    Restriction code for your Nokia mobile can be got at http://www.superunlockcodes.com/nokia/rs12wp8/ which gives easy instructions to unlock your mobile.

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