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after match thoughts

Discussion in 'Sports' started by neeraj, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. neeraj New Member

    ok just post up anything you gotta say about the match

    all i just wanna know is how often do we pratice penaltys i mean well done richardo you saved them but i pretty sure we could made it harder i mean they we perfect hight for keeper they wasnt hit to well we need to ask the germans how to take penaltys they showed us how on friday that how it done
  2. vicky2004 Member

    i thought they played very well. other team too. but ENGLAND HAD SO MANY CHANCES. and rooney sent off and beckham injuryed. only best players was crouch,gerrard etc. but they should of tried H>A>R>D>E>R
  3. Jonesy New Member

    I still cant believe Gerrard and Lampy missed a peno, they have put them away for there club enough times.

    Dont get me started on Rooney. I have said it before, and i'll say it again, he has got a Aanger problem, and when playing with the big boys, like yesterday for example, he just wasnt up to it. When he wasnt getting the service and kept on losing the ball, he quite simply took it out on a player, no need for that, hope he gets a banned and a fine.
  4. Terry Active Member

    He never did anything ffs. So you're telling me if you got slide tackled in an awkward way to wouldn't accidently fall on the player? That's all he did.
  5. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    Jonesy your talking s hite. Rooney didnt even commit a fu cking foul, if you watch what happened he was just trying to get the ball. Its not his fault the dirty portuguese c unts curl up in a ball on the ground if you so much as blow on them. As he turned to get the ball his foot happened to land on his bollox, it was a pure accident.

    I just wish it was his skull under his studs and he f ucking gave the pr ick brain damage and put him in a coma so he wakes up on the next world cup final to see rooney scoring the winning goal against the disgraceful, dirty, portuguese f ucks.
  6. bharalanga Member

    ref should have worn a portugal shirt with C.Ronaldo on the back probably been winking at each other in the bedroom wankaz
  7. Jonesy New Member

    If you actually see the reply Amo, you will clearly see Rooney stamping on him, that was no accident.

    Even in studio after the match gary & Co slowed down the video of it, you could clearly see.

    The video does not lie, yes im fully aware of what portuguese are like, however thats still no excuse for what he did.
  8. neeraj New Member

    if u slow it down you can make it look like it was ment but i doubt it was i mean he probz but his leg down to try stop him self fallin it natural instink i though he didnt mean to but it obv this world not goin 2 b won by the best team it b won by the teams who get away with cheated i mean italy they shouldnt b there portugal we dont know wat would have happen if rooney stayed on france and germany i say well done and hope there both in finals cause i dont think they done much wrong
  9. Jonesy New Member

    Since day one you registered i have never really understood you...

    I wonder why...

    Anyway seen the reply again.. well.. erm... i aint changing my mind, lets put it that way.
  10. neeraj New Member

    ok i try again i dnt fink rooney ment it ok u understand that bit reason why is he went for the ball as most people would see and when you about to fall down you will put you foot down every1 does it ok rooney did that jst unclucky sum1 was under him also the winner of the world cup will not be the best team it b the team that cheats the most and get away with it any bit you dont get just ask i admit my spellin not to good
  11. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    He didnt stamp on him on purpose.
  12. KuleX New Member

    Rooney was not stamping on Carvalho intentionally and I doubt he even got him that hard if at all since Carvalho was fine mere moments later. Rooney had his eyes down and he was hounding for the ball, he showed some balls and workrate by squeezing in between the two portuguese player. If anything he should've gotten a freekick from being sandwiched by them.

    His sending off was definitely not helpd by the Portuguese hounding the ref and CRonaldo coaxing Rooney into shoving him. Rooney should've gotten a yellow at most.

    The referee was atrocious throughout the match and the Protuguese milked 9/10 diving opportunities and they still couldn't score past us with a one man advantage.

    Let's face it, England are ****/cursed when it comes to penalty shootouts.

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