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arcade tournament

Discussion in 'Website Issues & Suggestions' started by G-UNIT, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. G-UNIT New Member

    admin how come in the penguin bashing i havent gone up i got the highest score out of my section :mad:
  2. Orangefre@k In Moderation

    Obviously a computer glitch.

    I tried to disqualify myself to see whether a correction would happen but no.

    Not the end of the world really, just start a new tournament!
  3. Admin Administrator

    I fixed the tournament.
  4. Terry Active Member

    All the tournaments are ****ed. I played 3 of my Crazy Closet games and I had the Highscore and was waiting to see the others would get but I went back to it and it said I hadn't played! It's done it in all the tournaments I'm in.
  5. Admin Administrator

    Did you click submit score?
  6. Jonesy New Member

    Sometimes when i have finished playing
    a game, it comes up with "error your score cant
    be entered" I'll do a screenshot and show you,
    if it does it again.
  7. Terry Active Member

    Yeah of course I did.
  8. G-UNIT New Member

    by the way could you put a time limit on the tounaments as some people dont play *cough* orange freak lol
  9. vicky2004 Member

    blade are you going to finish ur tourment on crazy closet, u have no played for ages we want a winner
  10. xtreme-mobile Member

    i beat G-unit yesterday and was crowned champ now its saying i aint played again lol
  11. Terry Active Member

    I played all my games ages ago but it's saying I haven't played any. It's broke.
  12. Terry Active Member

    Just finished playing my games AGAIN. I won ;) Master of Crazy Closet haha
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