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Discussion in 'SMSC' started by qasim, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. qasim New Member

    What area's should i seek for o2 uk,3,orange and t mobile??? pls can anyone help me out here
  2. djmonsi New Member

    stop asking similar questions again and again n spaming the forum.. every area is important .
  3. qasim New Member

    its because i dont get any answers and why do some people ask me what area am i seeking?
  4. Area52 Active Member

  5. qasim New Member

    see now am confused 1 persons saying every area and the other ones sayin +44
  6. djmonsi New Member

    for me every thing is imporatant. that includes china +86. i had some good working smsc ages back from +86
  7. Mr.Xzy New Member

    from +86???!!! REALLY? I dont seek more in +86 and +90 cuz I havent got even s&s from these areas...
  8. Bonyomax VIP member

    Seek +971.......
  9. Nikolakg Member

    Yeah,+971... always have good smsc numbers and +346... Very good and fast smsc. :-D
  10. farooq86 Broken Heart

    I have said it earlier try +92333 area. But i have heard there is one smsc currently working, its +44 smsc
  11. 508666777 New Member

    dajcie kurwa jakies centrum na forum bo od 2 miesiecy nic niema,a niepiszcie bzdur
  12. qasim New Member

    am still doing +92333 but havent found nothing for o2!
  13. phreaky Ride Fast, Die Young

  14. qasim New Member

    whats Inbred mean?
  15. phreaky Ride Fast, Die Young

  16. qasim New Member

    ok cant wait to find my 1st smsc lol
  17. qasim New Member

    how many x's should i put??? for all the list?
  18. phreaky Ride Fast, Die Young

    19 should do it. Good luck inbred.
  19. qasim New Member

    +19 ???
    im on o2 uk aswell yeah
  20. lesta_smsc Member

    lol - you'll certainly find virtually ALL SMSC that exist... despite the fact you'll have grown old and grey by the time you actually find any!

    Look in the old lists, and see where there were quite a few SMSC, at most leave 4 x's however you should try to go for only 3 as more often then not this will be sufficient, and anymore is not worth the effort ;) Hope this helps :)

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