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[BBC] For everyone in the UK, 'Power of Nightmares' - BBC2 11:20 PM

Discussion in 'Media' started by Admin, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Admin Administrator

    The BBC will repeat an eye opening series today at 11:20 PM on BBC 2 called the "Power of Nightmares". The documentary uncovers the current US presidential (and the British New Labour party) background and how and why they are “terrorising” the citizens of the US (and the UK) by presenting a totally fabricated and over exaggerated perception of a “war on terror”. They investigate the founding stones of the neo-conservative movement in the US and also the foundation of what the US government actually coined as “Al-Qaeda”.

    The BBC showed this documentary in the UK just before the US elections and if it were shown in the US last year, the election outcome would have been radically different! As I’ve stated before, the show is an eye opener and as others have stated, it should be classed as “required viewing”. After the show was originally aired, the BBC was over whelmed with requests for this series to be re-aired. I received an eMail yesterday from the BBC to inform me that it will be shown again today.

    There are 3 episodes to the “Power of Nightmares” documentary:
    Be sure to record this series as the BBC cannot produce a DVD of this series of documentaries because of all the copyrighted licences they will need to pay for in order to do so.

    More information:

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