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Ben thatcher

Discussion in 'Sports' started by farakh, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. farakh New Member

    ne1 got a clip

    of what he did

    ta predro??
  2. neeraj New Member

    o that man is a dirty lil cheat so that m brown 4 Fulam FA and fifa so **** i mean rooney get 3 match band 4 wat jumpin 4 a header sum guy get a pentaly against him because a ball hit his head but it ok 2 knock sum1 out and to stamp on sum1
  3. Dan New Member

  4. farakh New Member

    kinda reminds of the that tackle

    the german goalkeeper did in

    1982 world i fink. nasty stuff
  5. versish0310 New Member

    that's the video... and it was discusting! [IMG]
  6. versish0310 New Member

    the german goalkeeper did in [IMG]

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