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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Ongobay, Jul 24, 2002.

  1. Admin Administrator

    my 7210 of course the one wid a digital camera and shit :D
  2. rahul New Member

    yeh my 7210 aswel, along wit my 6510,8310 etc.:cool:
  3. king New Member

    i tink my 8310 waz da beat but it crashed so da second best wud be my t68
  4. jamescolbeck New Member


    2in1 for the poll, so i jus got confused and posted it instead :D

  5. Thug Life New Member

    How much did ya'll get tha 7210'z for ???????

  6. AC†DC New Member

    Nokia wins!
  7. Squall34 New Member

    eh? why does ya fone crash? weird.. my 3310 rarely says not charging or whatever but wen it does i jus take out the charger and dan pu it back in, fixs da problem for me i've had it for like 1-2 years? no problems for me, well not serious ones
  8. burberrybabes New Member

    aye 6210 seems 2 be on of the bests.. holds aload of txts that y!!
  9. Area52 Active Member

    i own 3 nokia, but im gonna have a change and try out the sony T300 as soon as bloody argos get them in stock!
  10. gwizz New Member

  11. MonstaH New Member

    nokia all the way hehe
  12. thefonejunkie New Member

    I was a nokia boy but i wanted to use a bluetooth car kit so i opened a T68 (the bluetooth on my 6310 and 6310i sucked) and it is great.
  13. karl A Canadian Englishman

    iv got a nokia 3330 6210 5110 3210 3310 7110 and the 6210 is defo d bes fone ive got ne way
  14. sinbad666 New Member

    always had nokias then got a samsung t100 never have a nokia again
  15. *sexy* New Member

    [glow]ive gota say ive got a motorola v50 and itzclass[/glow]
  16. Makaveli New Member

  17. Adam New Member

    This threads been brought up from its grave hasn't it.

    I did like Nokia, but after haveing a Sonyericsson(remember it as 'eric's son') i now like those, theres little thigns like you can see the signal strenth of other mobile networks in it, without changing your SIM.
  18. sukukapi New Member

    Thanks for the share bro......
  19. kingy1uk Member

    3210, not even close.
  20. rf-harris Member

    iPhone is the best

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