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Best Tarriffs for PAYG

Discussion in 'Mobile General' started by handley, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. handley New Member

    :eek: Hello, this is my first post.

    I want advice. I am present on both orange and virgin payg tarrifs.

    I have both on one dual sim phone.

    I have orange on ''pick your own off peak'' tarriff and have chosen ''lunchtime 11am-3pm'', as that is when I make most calls.I also get off peak all weekend and 5 free texts for life each day,( I subscribed to this when you could get it for £14.99, though I got it FREE from Argos with my first hanset).
    As both my husband and elder daughter are on orange too, and calls to other orange phones orange are 20p maximum, this works for calls and texts to them.

    I bought the virgin sim because it offers to Oz+N Zealand for only 20p per min at all times which seems quite good to me as my son is in Oz and my other daughter is in N. Z.

    Have I got the best deal possible on payg or is there a better deal out there waiting for me???

    As I think mobile charges are extortionate anyway I always try to get one up on the companies if I can.

    Thanks in advance, handley

  2. Epsos live each day as it comes

    handley try using home phoens there is special like "tarrif" dont know exactly what they are called where it is 5p per min 2 any country which i think is reasonable ive only seen this advertised
  3. handley New Member

    Thanks a Lot

    And yes, you are right about landline charges.
    I have a tarriff with BT that allows calls at all times to Oz/NZ at 5p, but do like to use the mobile when I am out and about.
    I wondered if there was a better deal than the one I have.
    I know that monthly tarriff users can use free minutes for international calls, but find that I am not a heavy enough mobile user to warrant having a monthly plan.:D :D
  4. xtreme-mobile Member

    not sure if this is any good

    but the 02 sim cards come with 300 free texts a mths and free wap/gprs

    plus you can add "bolt-ons" to get cheaper international calls or friends and family boltons so you get 50% off cals and text to 3 numbers etc

    dont know if that helps at all

  5. handley New Member

    Free o2 sim card

    Thanks for that Dean,

    I do have some ''o2 free 300 messages''sim cards in the post at present.
    They were advertized on aol which gave a link to the site on Tuesday morning(Nov. 9th), of this week.
    I had never heard of their free sim offer until then.
    If anyone is on aol it is worth keeping a lookout on their welcome screen, (bottom right hand corner), for a repeat offer link as the current one had expired by Tuesday evening, when my friend tried.

    I will check on ''Bolt ons'' today when I am at the shops and report back on actual rates for international calls, if they are worthwhile,for anyone else who might find it useful.

  6. amzy New Member

    wat a helpful chap :)
  7. amzy New Member

    lolz the chaps a woman.......sorry
  8. handley New Member

    o2 prices

    Checked on those o2 ''bolt ons'' Dean,re my calls to Oz/NZ.
    You have to pay a one off of £4.99 and then costs are 35p per minute to land lines-peak and 10p off-peak.
    Calls to mobiles are subject a 25p p.min. surcharge and texts are 10p each.Maybe worth it for the texts(if you send a lot), but the Virgin 20p p.min flat rate at all times to land/mobile lines is less fuss.
    Think I will stick to what I've got.
    Thanks anyway for your suggestions!
  9. handley New Member

    Thought I would give a proper name Amzy then you will know I am not a man!!!
  10. aga household New Member

    ive got a tesco phone that is on 02 network

    im very happy with it as i got to add 3 favourite numbers and was mighty impressed as im not using as much or alot of money that i was using on my tmobile in 3 days i was burning up a £10 on txts on my tmobile on my tesco phone im not even using half of that but its hard to top up the tesco one as i have to do it at tesco or go to places that do it to get topped up as im on pay as you go
  11. Makaveli New Member

    hmm, well for the orange sim, i think their is better deals, im not sure if it applys to the tarrif your on now, but it was on the original one, where if u pay £50 you get half price calls, and half price texts, basically everything was halp price, not really a tarrif change or anything, but it's a good thing to do if you have £50 spare
  12. handley New Member

    When I originally had my first phone,(Orange) there was also a system where if you put on £50 in one top-up you got 10p off peak rates and 5p off-peak calls.
    You only had to put on ONE £50 top-up; then as long as you did not run out of credit you kept the special rates.

    Orange stopped that
    and instead offered 10%extra if you put on £50, (I think that is still the case)but no reductions in call charges.

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