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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by spiderbites3, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. spiderbites3 New Member

    dont ya just think bubblewrap is amazin it must have took em proper ages to make all them tiny little bubbles then some t*at ie me comes along pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop

    all that work for f*ck all what a shame
  2. cathyquigley New Member

    i love burstin the wee bubbles :bigsmile: i got some the last day with my new camera and jordan cut my hand cos he wanted to burst them before me :disapprove:
  3. WoLv3riN3 New Member

    i love bubble wrap i work for a sales place and we have massive amounts of bubble wrap and i sit there playin wiv it

    its frickin amazing stuff lol
  4. spiderbites3 New Member

    lol so its not just me then phewwwww

    ^^ nick me some from work lol
  5. WoLv3riN3 New Member

    lol i cnt they will notice its in massive and i mean massive *f*u*c*k off rolls and its like massive and ithink that they wud notice me walking out wiv it lol
  6. spiderbites3 New Member

    i need bubblewrap more bubblewrap pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop some one get me bubblewrappop pop pop

    [Edited on 26-7-2003 by spiderbites]
  7. WoLv3riN3 New Member

    lol ur mad dude
  8. burkey38 New Member

    nothing more satisfying than bursting bubbles!
  9. burkey38 New Member

    yea its great feeling i have to say!:) :p :eek:
  10. Jonesy New Member

    yeh i love poping that, its a shame when all the bubbles have been popped tho! :( lol

    [Edited on 26-7-2003 by Jonesy]
  11. cheese_is_1337 New Member

    i got some industrial bubble wrap a while ago whjen i ordered something (cant remember what) and the bubbles were about 15cm long, about 5cm deep and 5cm wide, and it didnt half make a bang :D
  12. Trebor New Member

    i love it

    [Edited on 26-7-2003 by trebor]

    [Edited on 27-7-2003 by Orangefre@k]
  13. katzinthehouse New Member

    its great stuff! :D
  14. Trebor New Member

  15. SchrodingersCat New Member

    ive seen stuff just like it work, but mayb only boyt half the size. They are damn hard to pop, its like a workout.
  16. Jonesy New Member

    hmm yeh it exercises your fingers lol :lol:
  17. Trebor New Member

    lol:d imagine if you could get 30cmx1mx3 it could be a bed:D :dance:
  18. Jonesy New Member

    lol yeh that sounds good to me! :beer:

    [Edited on 26-7-2003 by Jonesy]
  19. Trebor New Member

  20. cheese_is_1337 New Member

    uhh, that'd be a water bed someone filled up with air instead :p

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