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CenterTester: My (Old) SMSC Seeker

Discussion in 'SMSC' started by Fulvian, Feb 16, 2006.



I'm still seeking, and this software works for me 20 vote(s) 48.8%
I'm still seeking, but unfortunately this doesn't work on my phones 7 vote(s) 17.1%
Blah! I'm not seeking... 14 vote(s) 34.1%
  1. Resident Member

    I wanna sell it or barter for something useful.
  2. manish Active Member

    ^what is ''barter''?
  3. Resident Member

    Longman dictionary of contemporary english:
    [intransitive and transitive]
    to exchange goods, work, or services for other goods or services rather than for money
    barter (with somebody) for something
    I had to barter with the locals for food.
    barter something for something
    They bartered their grain for salt.

    Hm... Aren't you a native speaker Manish? :D
  4. Lion Member

  5. lipigab New Member

    I'm wondering is there a new "seeker's list" or can I use the one wich is included with the program?
  6. Fulvian Forgotten Member

    they're regularly updated, and so that there's always something new :)

    You can use the included list,
    or search Google and figure out if You can find more complete list there... :D
  7. Webwitty Former Stalker

    doesnt work for my nokia1100.
    any software for 1100??
  8. tiburon Member

    works also with nokia 8850 :)
  9. LuckyNats ~ѕмѕмαѕтєяѕ ¢нαттєя вσχ~

    doesnt work on my sony ericsson z530i
  10. Chumber New Member

    I will continue this topic. I managed to connect using this application 3 phones: 6230, 6230i and 6310i. Moreover, what is the funniest thing! They are connected via bluetooth and working on one BT adapter in the same time!!

    they don't skip smsc...
  11. Chumber New Member

    ...additionally, i managed to connect 4th mobile! Samsung E900 and it works briliant! :D However, it's a little slower than nokia...
  12. tamiro New Member

    Very nice! it works for me, seeking! :):D

    can i have the best optimized settings for this program? :p thanks!
  13. tamiro New Member

    mm, i have some problems! it only tests 1 SMSC and then it just goes on but the smsc test number doesnt increase and i cant hear the submiting from my speakers anymore :/
  14. Chumber New Member

    i'm wondering how many maximum phones can i connect in the same time :>
  15. simonsoft New Member

    this seeker has no spy at all.. have decompiled it. lol lion tests for spy codes by just using the cue on interference, delay etc.
  16. Lion Member

    And when did i say that this seeker has a spy?LOL
    Its the best seeker ever :)
    Credits to Fulvian
  17. djmonsi New Member

    lol u wanna know its spy y so much hard work?? see if u lose credit for 2 sms.. if u do then its spy.
  18. Fulvian Forgotten Member

    Well, I could make it so that it sends found SMSCs to me via internet, so You wouldn't lose additional credit :D

    J.K. bro
  19. djmonsi New Member

    internet??? what is that ??? LOL.
  20. sunnychuckle New Member

    Doesn`t work with my N73. :( I think it`s time to get hold of a data cable and use my very very old 3410 to start seeking again. Anyone got that cable for nokia 3410 for sale? :confused: And a battery as well it`s so exhausted phone needs to be on charge constantly...

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