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Discussion in 'SMSC' started by redvirus, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. redvirus New Member

    Im on XP and this program wont load for me, it gives no errors but wen i double click on it nothing happens. Anybody else had this problem?
    Any suggestions? :(
  2. buffplayboy New Member

    i had that problem.... and still have :)
  3. blitzerz Ex-Seeker

    that program won't run on XP sp2. try on XP sp1 or win 98
  4. redvirus New Member

    Thanx blitzerz gotta upgrade to sp2 then :D
  5. jenkinsalun New Member

    why upgrade to sp2, he just said it doesn't run under sp2 :S
  6. -ShOcKeR- I Love Sonu!

    lol some people just read as if its a race and dont actually understand :p
  7. gasoil New Member

    lol that's new member aka beginner..
  8. redvirus New Member

    Well im on sp1 an it dnt work so if its an OS problem, upgrading might do the trick lol n im not new i just forgot my old username :D
  9. buffplayboy New Member

    was sp2 ??
  10. vije New Member

    ask the programmer
  11. LuckyNats ~ѕмѕмαѕтєяѕ ¢нαттєя вσχ~

    I thought this section was suppose to for smscs not about errors etc:rolleyes:
  12. blitzerz Ex-Seeker

    try dis, working under XP sp2 and Non-ori siemens data cable. am not sure if dis is a spyware or not :D~

    Attached Files:

  13. Resident Member

    Eire: seeking is part of the smsc using. There is some kind of relation between them. I know a lotta people dont know it...
  14. vije New Member

    just have a look, not smscs ever posted anymore
  15. daryl New Member

    Quickseek sends to the number +628156523754 like all versions of CNzCenta. It is Cartenz's number. :/
  16. Webwitty Former Stalker

  17. buffplayboy New Member

    did any one try this is this safe??
  18. daryl New Member

    I tried it. Read my older post. It isnt safe.
  19. NuWeb New Member

    Its safe, but the programmer gets a smsc out of it as well as you.

    IN the other thred you will notice that he says that ne never posted smsc up.

    So you are seeking for yourself and for him only. He dosnt post them up everywhere or anything like that.

    So if the program works, then use it.
  20. vije New Member

    i think u have no choice for siemens. programmer doesnt get smsc. and there are no proof of it people just scare others.

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