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Dead after a year...

Discussion in 'SMSC' started by woody2, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. woody2 New Member

    The +13343338280.. is dead after over a year.
  2. Area52 Active Member

    its a shame, it was a good smsc! :(
  3. Phantom New Member

    Lets bow heads and reflect on the good times that were shared with this centre number!
  4. Area52 Active Member

    it was always there when you needed it!
  5. woody2 New Member

    thats a good point... it was there wen u needed it... it may not ov been the best coz it only sent within 3-5 sec but it was there wen u needed and lasted long... im guna miss it.. :(
  6. thaNNers New Member

    Well it's good news! Looks like this smsc is working again! This is one tough bastard :p
  7. cocoa New Member

    wow - lol.
  8. purohit16 New Member

    thats rite! mate
  9. anaerobic animal New Member

    only stopped for a day here in aus, its pretty reliable over here too !! :)
  10. Area52 Active Member

    yeah, im glad it is back :D
  11. woody2 New Member

    ah we all ad faith in it.. its a righten.
  12. sloppy New Member

    It's funny how people changed their opinions on this smsc when they heard it had "passed away".

    When it was working (and i know it is now) people would say "i can't stand that smsc, takes ages to send a message, what a load of s**t i'd rather pay for my messages"

    but when it died, what did we see?....

    "i'm gonna miss this number, it was there when you needed it"


  13. thaNNers New Member

    I didn't think this smsc worked in Australia because I was only testing it by sending to Optus. Unfortunately this smsc is only received on Telstra and Vodafone in Australia :(

    Note: I have never put down this smsc, but I know what you're going on about sloppy.
  14. crazyas New Member

    odd. this nuba didn't work for me before at all im on AUS vodafone.. lol it just sed not sent but it sent :) w0ot i too now share some memory in this smsc hehe.
  15. karl A Canadian Englishman

    is this smsc 4 o2 uk? an if so it aint workin on my prefix 07742
  16. Area52 Active Member

    yeah it will work!
  17. jimmyboy New Member

    karl it only works in some parts of the UK, not for us though!

  18. karl A Canadian Englishman

  19. flepp4ever New Member

    still working for me :)
  20. Area52 Active Member

    yeah this smsc stopped and started twice now :D

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