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Disapearing POst

Discussion in 'Website Issues & Suggestions' started by NuWeb, May 15, 2005.

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  1. NuWeb New Member

    I posted on here about different standards of banning for friends ext... just wondered where its disapeared to...
  2. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    It went to a place called uranus.
  3. Terry Active Member

    Before you get pointing fingers at people it wasn't me.
  4. NuWeb New Member

    ok, the post was on about you banning some one for simply sticking up for me on a post.. and dude eggs said he was starting an argument..

    so hows this for starting an arguement:
    i also still got the attatchements i attatched to the post.. -AMO- should be banned same as the guy who got banned for sticking up for me.. as their shouldent be different standards for banning people
  5. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    The only one arguing is you, I was simply stating a fact based on what I thought the truth of the missing post was.
  6. Terry Active Member

    G-UNIT was banned because of him causing trouble in other posts.
  7. NuWeb New Member

    Oviosly trying to make me argue with him..

    Yes because all forums have an option to send posts out into space and land on uranus.

    It said on the post that he was banned on that thred for trying to cause an argument.. nothing about causeing trouble on other posts.
  8. Terry Active Member

    Yeah that topped it off though. His ban ends today anyway so what you moaning about? This is the reason i don't like you.
  9. NuWeb New Member

    THis is the reason you dont like me its wrong to ban someone of something, and not do the same to others when they do it allot more than the person is banned. THe only reason you not banning him is because your sacared of the abuse that he will give you all.
  10. Terry Active Member

    Haha scared. You crack me up NuWeb ;)
  11. Trevor Active Member

    the reason everyone hates you is you piss everyone off....just like now and you make everything into an arguement.
    You say amo's sig is trying to make u argue....no its not....no one can make you argue
  12. NuWeb New Member

    if what your saying is rite, then why did dude eggs ban someone for tryign to start an argument ... Read properly Trevor or dont comment at all..

    Yes dude eggs .. as soon as -AMO- is banned everyone gets slagged off, for instance he threghtends phoneing the police on someone for editing a photo of them, unless they unban him.. .. .. ..
  13. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    well said mate. :)

    G-unit was also banned for using retarded sms style writing.
  14. Terry Active Member

    That is correct :)
  15. NuWeb New Member

    and spamming the forum all over the place slagging me off all the time compares to some one shortening a word down.. wow
  16. Terry Active Member

    Yeah but you like to start the arguements by starting a thread about it all.
  17. Trevor Active Member

    why do i need to read properly?
    My post was actaully unrelated to anything any1 else has said...it was my own opinion. and what gives u the right to tell what what to do and what not to do?
    I think your the one that should shut up.......
  18. NuWeb New Member

    Well you know how to shut me up.. look at -amo's- gay boy post..

    and tez, this topic is here to stop the arguments, as he should be banned. but as i say some ones to scared.
  19. Trevor Active Member

    it takes 2 to argue..........so if anyone is banned i think it should be you. Im not gonna argue anymore becuase its pointless
  20. Epsos live each day as it comes

    what the hell flame topics wow come on guys this is a public forum as it has been stated before under 13 visit here
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