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Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade/Wanted' started by scott.herring, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. spiderbitez New Member

    still no contact from him then scott

    has anyone seen him on here today
  2. thadonisback New Member

    was gonna swap him a v200 for a 7210 + £120.
    like scott herring he wanted me to send 1st but it was obvious he was dodgy so i left the deal.
    plus theres no way in hell i will send a phone to someone with only 2 refs !!
  3. morph New Member

    one of which is fake, sorry for the delay scott, aint had time, will do sometime tonight
  4. scott.herring Active Member

    thts k m8, i am jus guna get police to deal with it n see how he likes it then !! thnx evry1
  5. scott.herring Active Member

    still do wot u were guna tho so i can try sort it too pls, cheers
  6. roadkill New Member

    Get your fone back then send dog turds, cat turds and eventually ur owns turds in envolopes to his house then finally a mailbomb, RIRA will get the blame over here anway.

    [Edited on 23-10-2003 by roadkill]
  7. cathyquigley New Member

    whats all the panic about. and stop slabberin about the ira as usual jordan, jesus do u ever stop:barfy:
    maybe it'll come in the post 2morra, i got a sim of some1 on here b4 and it was recorded delivery and it didnt arrive on the day it was supposed to, it arrived 2 days later or somethin. maybe he didnt get a chance to get on here today or somethin, give him a break :mad:
    hes traded with dimension hasnt he? that on its own is better than gettin a ref from 10 t*ts put together on this forum.
  8. spiderbitez New Member

    the item has been deliverd and signed for though so he has got it now hes avoidin scott
  9. cathyquigley New Member

    maybe eminem has posted his and the fone is on its way. i think he should leave it for another day or so beofore he panics:no:
  10. roadkill New Member

    or maybe ... it was pilfered :shocked2:
  11. woody2 New Member

    sh!t glad i aint every done ne dealin wid him.. true what missb sed tho may come in abit..
  12. roadkill New Member

    but it might have benn ... pilfered: :shocked2:
  13. spiderbitez New Member

    its been signed for woody

    maybe he has sent the fone though like missb said but he could at least keep scott up to date with whats happenin
  14. spiderbitez New Member

    pilferd from where roadkill
  15. cathyquigley New Member

    it was only today he wasnt talkin to him. maybe theres a good enough reason for that.
  16. spiderbitez New Member

    he hasnt been in contact in 2 days :p
  17. scott.herring Active Member


    evntho he sed hed send da stuff da same day he received them by 1st class.... wel i hope hes not lying for his sake !!
  18. eminem REAL Lyrical Masta

    thanx nice n irish i aint been able to get on, only in skool my home net's broke! Goods are sitting here awaiting an address to post to!
  19. scott.herring Active Member

    btw people i did give him the address b4 i sent my goods cos it looks like its my fault otherwise! we r now sorting this out so i wil b awaiting my fone ...... n im sorry to EMINEM for the accusation, evntho i dnt have my fone yet but hopfully will soon
  20. eminem REAL Lyrical Masta

    ok thats fine, ill send ASAP

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