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Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade/Wanted' started by scott.herring, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. spiderbitez New Member

    eminem why did you delete your post you hound you owe this guy an explanation dont ya think
  2. morph New Member

    eminem... can u explain ur fake refs? :rolleyes:
  3. box New Member

    scott herring just accused me of being eminem and rippin him off so if em has ripped him im glad coz he cant just go about acussin the newbies
  4. scott.herring Active Member

    y u say u traded with him then? cos u blatantly didnt
  5. The_Boy_Pitt New Member

    Uuuurm excuse me Mr box, skot had the rite to acuse a few people after thinking he got robbed in, give him sum credit.
  6. raver87 New Member

    sorz to hear that mate .........
  7. cathyquigley New Member

    no problem:cool_rsvd:

    u see, there was a good enough reason. what u all goin mad at him for? didnt they agree thingy would send his phone 1st? then eminem would send his? and didnt he get in contact with him today or somethin? and say monday? why panic? just wait until monday b4 u start accusin people in the wrong.
    and what fake refs morph? doesnt he have one from dimension? :puzzled: hardly fake.
  8. raver87 New Member

    ur rite nice n irish just wait mate till monday and c
  9. morph New Member

    ONE REF isn't what i call decent.. no matter who its from.
  10. scott.herring Active Member

    OK, iv been waiting since monday for my fone now and still i have no fone n havent heard from eminem !!

    this is strtn to really p*** me off !!!
  11. spiderbitez New Member

    grass the bellend up youve been diddled
  12. r4ge Active Member

    If eminem doesn't send the phone he should be banned. Did morph get his details? :/
  13. man, unlucky, fkin go and get the c.u.n.t
  14. woody2 New Member

    do what spiderbites says!
  15. scott.herring Active Member

    nope didnt get the phone n iv waited long enuff so iv askd morph to help me out n i wil hopefully get the f*cker !! i ask admin that he bans eminem and nice n irish, u were wrong!! :yes: what action should i take?? shuld i jus call police n tel em whats hapend, what police (english or irish) ?? help wil b gr8ly appreciated, thnx !
  16. scott.herring Active Member

    can u stop postin 1) in the wrong section, 2) pure sh*t 3) jus to get free smsc prob
  17. zahid New Member

    EMINEM u were gona swap my 2 sims for a loop sim? :puzzled:

    [Edited on 3-11-2003 by zahid]
  18. Adam New Member

    dellkeyboard - you will not be granted access to the SMSC section with spam posts like that.
  19. Admin Administrator

    Spam DELETED!
  20. cathyquigley New Member

    yep i was wrong. i was only sayin that u should stop panickin though, u were cryin about it on the day it was meant to be delivered and didnt give it a chance.

    he lives in the north of ireland so it wont be the irish police.
    and anyway i dont think the police will be able to do a thing :(

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