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Fave Music styles...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by sexyjade, Jul 17, 2002.

  1. sexyjade New Member

    Ok, I would like to know all about different peoples tastes in music. eg. rock, pop, r&B, garage, dance etc.

    My personaly fave is rock and my fave bands are Blink 182 and System Of A Down.

    pLUS i'm luvin da munkey! hehe
  2. Admin Administrator

    i like rap. such as eminem, dr dre and d12.
  3. sexyjade New Member

    yeah rap is also quite cool. Especially eminem cuz he's FIT!!! lol
  4. neverperfect New Member

    rock = Crushing Day, Blink 182, Ill NIno, Korn, Nirvana, Slipknot, SOAD, Greenday, New Found Glory, Ash, Lost Prophets, Taproot, Papa Roach, Slayer, Cradle of Filth, Metallica, Box Car Racer, Cky, HIM, NOFX, Pennywise, Sum 41, Deftones, Rob Zombie, Third Eye Blind, Union Underground and don't forget NeVeR PeRfEcT! should i give you the complete list?
  5. neverperfect New Member

    BTW Eminem is trendy and looks like a ponce
  6. sexyjade New Member

    wow u can list alot of bands! lol
    yeah i think eminem wud look betta kitted up in grebo gear! lol
  7. neverperfect New Member

    yeah i guess he would, but the white rapper gimmick is kinda fading
  8. Fakesoundofprogress New Member

    Rock and hip-hop are da manin styles at da moment!
  9. The Lostprophet New Member

    eminems a prick..so yea neway, i think ill write u nice ppl a list:p well its basicly..rock music....so heres a list...

    Tool, koRn, The Offspring, Capdown, thisGIRL(very good live), slipknot, king prawn, the kennedy soundtrack, miocene, Tribute to nothing, cradle of filth, My dying bride, opeth, limpbizkit (lol dont the piss, there old stuff rox) silverchair, Less then jake, papa roach, linkin park (i do have my tredie side lol), incubus, NoFx, MxPx, Gold finger, does that give u ppl some idea? i could go on for AGES!!!
  10. neverperfect New Member

    all those bands are good cept maybe incubus. kill that fozzy headed bastard die dammit die.....lol
  11. Phoenix ٠ вåřьẻŗ ٠

    i like rock and dance and trance music
  12. sexylaura New Member

    This as nowt 2 do wi owt but Chris bless ya! hehe!! i like dance music but also stuff like Mary J
  13. The Lostprophet New Member

    hehehe dance...cant stand it....trance is pretty wicked tho...drum n bass is wicked 2...mmmm...neone like pitchshifters old stuff? wiv all the drum n bass in?

    and neverperfect m8, that guy is REALLY annoying aint he? i think ive found the person to bottle at reading lol....i was gunna save that for slipknot tho...stupid masked twats.......
  14. Phoenix ٠ вåřьẻŗ ٠

    hey laura,u no wot im gonna say dont u? lol
    sorry bout this guys, this is completly offtopic!
    dance aint as good as trance but i still its good
  15. neverperfect New Member

    to tell u the truth im not annoying
  16. Minxy New Member

    i love eminem i think he's gorgeous and sexy and ohhhh god i cud go on 4ever LOL...but neways after listening to 'wonderfull days' by Charly Lownoise and Mental theo on the new ClubLand album i decided to download sum of their songs and now i am totally converted back to the rave/trance/happy hardcore style of music...i 4got wat i was missing out on!!! Scooter's new song nessaja shud be a big hit in my oppinion....i love rap to tho cant beat dre eminem snoop and x-zibit not to mention 2-pac all koool
  17. Area52 Active Member

    i like most sorts other thatn mosher shit
  18. neverperfect New Member

    its not shit i tell you there is more shit in the rave scene and nessaja is crap, the remix is a lot better
  19. Area52 Active Member

    well thats my opinoin and we all have different views.
  20. neverperfect New Member

    yeh but i speak the truth, there is much crapper stuff in the rave scene

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