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final fantasy

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by cloud, May 5, 2003.

  1. cloud New Member

    any1 got any of the final fantasy games
  2. yeh theyre class!!!
  3. cloud New Member

    what 1 have you got
  4. ive ionly got 7! he he! but ive played all of them!
  5. i think 7 is the best!
  6. SchrodingersCat New Member

    man, if there is one game i tried and hated, guess what it is :) I dunno why i hated it so much. I nearly hated it as much as mario64. A classic 1 person adventure game is Zelda: ocarina of time. Brilliant!!! :D

    [Edited on 5-5-2003 by SchrodingersCat]
  7. mario64 is also class! man there sumfing wrong wit u!
  8. Admin Administrator

    ive got 7, only on the 2nd disc LOL
  9. SchrodingersCat New Member

    i dunno, there must be r summin. The way he used to run and take ages to stop....grrrr it really used to p*** me off. Dunno why.
  10. lol, thats 1 fing that is annoying as fcuk on ff7, u have 2 fight like every 2mins! lol
  11. Admin Administrator

    yep, like ur movin around then "load music comes up" and u get all scared :( :lol:
  12. cloud New Member

    i spent ages at 7 and im at lvl 83 and still cannot beat the weapons.
  13. im at level 99. 9999 damage for every shot, save anywhere, tifa back alive, lol, still cant complete it! cant b arsed 2 find it....i used xploder 2 cheat! :D

    im gona dload it now.
  14. cloud New Member

    i did it all with out cheats. have you beat the weapons yet
  15. setanta New Member

    FF Crystal Chronicles for Gamecube is one to watch out for
  16. cloud New Member

    why. is it any good. or is it completly crap
  17. Makaveli New Member

    I used to play them on an emulator and they were like stick men HEHE they were funny :lol:

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