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find out how many texts youve sent in a month

Discussion in 'Network Discussion' started by MobileMania, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. dalz New Member

    6230 also has a sms counter,very handy
  2. AndyHair New Member

    can u get one for mote v600?
  3. MobileMania New Member

    how could i find out on the sharp gx10i because it hasnt got a counter...is there a program?
  4. jxnxg New Member

    c how many texts u sent

    if you on o2 ring 4444 free of charge pick option 2 then option 2 again and it will tell you hw many text u got left n how many wap mins.
  5. lilminxshell Brummie

    thanks mate. didnt know this
  6. Matty New Member

    Very useful! :D
  7. spitroast New Member

    Thought everyone knows how to get del reports on O2 start each text with *0#


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  8. vicky2004 Member

    i know that del report ages ago. gud to know it tho
  9. jimmyavis New Member

    thaks jxnxg! Nice 1!!
  10. bharalanga Member

    cheers for that
  11. takt29 New Member

    It works for me mate - hah
    It does get a bit annoying when I have 4 mobiles to count through :eek:
  12. ash2003 New Member

    text balance to 20202
  13. bharalanga Member

    is it free? or does it use on your allowance messageing units?
  14. ash2003 New Member

    its free
  15. bharalanga Member

    ive tried it thanks mate
  16. akeel7 New Member

    dial 4444 press option 2 and then option 2 again and listen, u can find out how many free minutes and text u have left:afro:

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