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flash file: Nokia 3310 v6.08

Discussion in 'Mobile Unlocking' started by Admin, Aug 6, 2002.

  1. Admin Administrator

    can someone pls give me a link to a Nokia 3310 v6.08 flash file or pls send it to my email.

    thanks, smsmasters admin :)

    p.s. im getting flasher cables in 1 week :D:D:D
  2. Admin Administrator

  3. Admin Administrator

    just hit refresh if u get an error
  4. jimmyboy New Member

    can anybody post this ias **.zip please?

  5. king New Member

    were can u get winrar from ne way
  6. Admin Administrator

    www.rarlabs.com or www.winrar.com i think
  7. sosolidnix New Member

    yeh thats rite! does ne hear no how to create ur own flash files?? i do kinda modify them but no i have a problem and its on a 3310!
  8. BlueGsm2003 New Member

    The last version is Nokia 3310 v5.87

    Germany User

    [Edited on 25-6-2003 by BlueGsm2003]
  9. Salami1_1 Member

    it is just a modded flash..
    if you guys want I can make a versie 99.99 for you :S
  10. vegeta Active Member

    yeh salami is right it is jus a modded flash!

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