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Football Transfer's

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dan, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. Dan New Member

    Post information on the newest transfer's this month and next month.

    The newest transfer i know is Patrick Vieria To juventus for 13.7Million!

    All the latest news you'd know post here
  2. jbrown New Member

    Newcastle are offering Nicolas Anelka a return the the premiership and also Boa Morte may be on his way to Newcastle.
  3. Dan New Member

    This true nicolas anelka, He's the one that played for man city in january right? But to newcastle that sounds good
  4. Dan New Member

    looks like chelsea are going to stop at nothing to get shaun wright-phillips.
    they put a 20 million bid in and it was rejected and now they could uprise this offer maybe man city will accept?
  5. bdazzle New Member

    o what a shame

    i thought i could see him playing for arsenal one day
  6. Dan New Member

    he could do, arsenal can afford him and he would replace vieria i guess i'll ring wenger now lol
  7. bdazzle New Member

  8. chocice New Member

    I heard Arsenal are upping their bid to 15 million to get baptiste!! and apperantly going after a goalkeeper called sabastian viera!!!
  9. bdazzle New Member

    at least his name will be replace then ... viera
  10. chocice New Member

    yeh LOL

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