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france will win world cup

Discussion in 'Sports' started by sebkone, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. sebkone New Member

    france win vs portugal.

    see you soon in final vs italy.
  2. Admin Administrator

    France is definitely going to win this.
  3. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    lol. Nothing is definate. Italy are favourites to win anyway.
  4. Admin Administrator

    Okay, can I laugh in your face if France win? ;)
  5. neeraj New Member

    i want france no offence 2 any from italy i hate there football there leagues full of oap and ppl matchin fixin there international team cheater divers any this world cup been crap any way
  6. sebkone New Member

    @admin thx lol
    i hope you'll think true.

    @amo where italy are favorite? in uk booker lol? they have prdit brazil argentina spain win wolrd cup? where are they now?

    but is true in 1 match they can win. but don't forget

    italy no win french since 30 years in official competition and france deleted them from 98 world cup and 2000 europe cup.


    you and your cheater lol
    no i understand your opinion and is same for me i prefer uk league, a lot of fault in spain , portugal ,latino country & italy are cheat ... in uk and france the football is more viril.

    for alls don't forget next years rugby world cup in france.
  7. neeraj New Member

    lol i like french teams got sum got young talent i mean ppl like (mind my spellin ) ben afra menze n nasri then you have one of the best play maker in the world just sad he 30+ in Juninho Pernambucano but nuffin beat the english leagues
  8. bharalanga Member

    ITALY are going to smash those french COCKrels to smitherines muhahaha cant wait
  9. lilminxshell Brummie

    Yep I agree ^^ Italy have got this!
  10. neeraj New Member

    ok well we wait n c jst hope france win
  11. bharalanga Member

    sorry but your hopes and dreams of france winning will be shattered
  12. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    Actually out of france and italy i'd prefer france to win because italy are dirtirer c unts.
  13. bharalanga Member

    muhahaha shame on all of you...the smell of sweet italian victory is in the air...and now i have a new move for self defence thanks to zidane so a bonus point for me :lol:
  14. neeraj New Member

    lol you cant really say much you did win well done zidane was a twat but was funny but i think frace was better team but that doesnt mean you always win i guess
  15. KuleX New Member

    Nice, the Ities cheat and dive their way to becoming World Champions. Thank you FIFA thank you very much.
  16. Admin Administrator

    Well done Zinedine Zidane, even if France didn't win, at least you injured an Italian diver! :D
  17. KuleX New Member

    Materazzi got taken out like the little Italian ***** he is.
  18. Jonesy New Member

    Well shocked at what Zidane the legend did, i thought he would of known better.

    For me, Zidane for me has been the best in the whole comp.
    (Makes a change.. he was poor in the last one ;) )

    No excuse for what he did though, however it was funny to watch... :D

    Italy it is then... :eek:
  19. neeraj New Member

    come on least he did a proper headbut i mean in football i headbut some body head touches them a lil bit there down like they been shot least zidane showed people how 2 do it properly
  20. sebkone New Member

    very bad day for us.......

    thanks for the suport friends.

    hi zidane you're the best anyway.

    meet next week for rugby world cup in france. see you . seb

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