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free football online

Discussion in 'Sports' started by bdazzle, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. bdazzle New Member

    You may need PPlive to view some of these channels. Also some of them are only online at select periods so you won't be able to get on 24/7.

    # Shaanxi Sports: http://people.freenet.de/yoshi7/streams/sxtv1.asx - 150 kbps (excellent quality Premiership matches, recommended that you get on early)
    # JSTV: mms:// - 275 kbps (new channel showing Saturday morning as well as Saturday 3pm Premiership matches)
    # NTV of Turkey: http://www.ntvmsnbc.com/news/38903.asp - 80 kbps (shows live Saturday afternoon Premiership matches, recommended that you get on early)
    # ESPN Star Sports: mms:// - (live Premiership matches and a highlights show on Saturday night - high bandwidth required)
    # Guangdong Sports: http://people.freenet.de/yoshi7/streams/GDTV.ram (Real Player)
    # UBC Star Sports: mms:// - 393 kbps (shows lots of Premiership matches)
    # Saudi Sports: http://www.kacst.edu.sa/en/stream/SaudiTV-Channel2.asx (worth trying from Premiership games, but good for pre-season friendlies and special games)
    # TV9 Thailand: mms:// - 256 kbps (occasionally shows Satuday Premiership matches, also live Bundesliga games - excellent quality streams)
    # ZTV6: mms:// - 450 kbps (good for Saturday morning matches, an ESPN channel)
    # MBC Korea: http://stream.andongmbc.co.kr/tv.htm (Fantastic quality, shows live Champions League games)
    # TV Dalmajica of Croatia: rtsp://videolive.hinet.hr/encoder/tvdalmacija.rm - 225 kbps (shows Premiership games on Saturdays and Sundays)
    # RTS2 of Serbia and Montenegro: http://www.rts.co.yu/rts2live.ram - 100 kbps (good alternative for Sunday afternoon and Monday night matches matches, Real Player)
    # IRIB 3 of Iran: http://www.irib.ir/live/tv3.asx - 102 kbps (sometimes shows live Saturday games)
    # CCTV-5: mms://live9.xaonline.com/station2 - 300 kbps
    # RAI Sport - http://www.fastweb.it/streaming/raisport.asx - 492 kbps (excellent for Serie A matches)

    Download pplive

    1: Downloaded PP live at www.pplive.com

    2: Right-clicked to change language, then right-clicked 'choose channels'. There are two or three with the word sport in the title, so trial and error got ESPN in Hong Kong.

    It takes a couple of minutes to 'warm up', and get a steady stream
  2. bharalanga Member

    i've downloaded pp live but i dont no what to do to install it. Its all in chinese
  3. bharalanga Member

    i've finally installed the programme now how do i watch the games i want?
  4. DodgeyDavo V.I.P Member

    pp live is absolutly **** it never works
  5. bharalanga Member

    then what do you suggest ?
  6. bharalanga Member

    i click on a channel an nothing happens. What am i doing wrong ??

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