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Free sims - FINALLY

Discussion in 'Network Discussion' started by Andrea, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. Andrea Active Member

    Finally after about 3 months i have managed to order my 5 sims.

    When they are free its impossible to get them but when they are 99p you have a small chance.

    Hope i get them soon! :)
  2. Jonesy New Member

    congrats im so happy for you :rolleyes: no really, people are struggling to get them when thier free these days lol
  3. Andrea Active Member

    Yeah, everytime i went to it i always got an error, but now they are 99p its ok.
    Probably not as many ppl want them when they aint free,

    BTW, i have ordered 5 , when they get here , is it possible to order more, or do they ban you from getting more? :)
  4. Jonesy New Member

    well you can only order 6 pers address, so you wont be able to order any more. well you can to your friends & family, thats what i do lol
  5. Andrea Active Member

    Cool. Can you still use the same credit/debit card though! :)
  6. Jonesy New Member

    yes long as its not to the same address
  7. Area52 Active Member

    Im one of the worst affected, i have abused o2 that much with the free sims, ive had about 120+
  8. Jonesy New Member

    yeh but you made abit of cash selling them off! lol
  9. Andrea Active Member

    Yeah, i think thats the best idea what to do with them! :)
  10. Andrea Active Member

    I finally recieved my sims after having an email saying, thanks for the order, then the next day, it says they cant deliver the order cause of the details, then the next they say they are on there way.
    I'm glad i got some though! :)
  11. matE New Member

    Can ppl from overseas get free sims?
  12. scott.herring Active Member

    i wouldnt know!?!

    i finally received mine yesterday, i got three!! i had been waiting about 8 weeks :eek:
  13. young-sheezy New Member

    I got 18 the last time they were free, 18 the time before that, and 6 before that. So i make that 42 IN TOTAL, CHEEEEEEEEERRRRSSSSSS o2. lol. http://shop.o2.co.uk/o2offers heres the link gaain if you need it. Positive rating would be greatly appreciated. When you get em for free, does anyone know if they are regostered, i think they are to the name they were sent to, but when selling them, how can you unregister them or something, just so you dont get in trouble, or can you just leave it?
  14. Jonesy New Member

    you wont get into trouble
  15. young-sheezy New Member

    How do u know, a few people i have sold em to, friends. Have phones them up for puks etc, and gave them my name and adress, stupidly eg: OP- .. So what is your name? M8- Ummmmmmm shaan ... OP- And whats your address? M8- UMmm Ummm Ummm, cya.

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