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''FREE'' virgin PAYG

Discussion in 'Network Discussion' started by handley, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. handley New Member

    I don't need a phone at the moment but I have noticed an offer in the CWH June book.

    They are offering a MOTOROLA C115 at £29. 99 when bought with £30 airtime;
    THEN A CASHBACK CHEQUE FOR THE £29.99 subject to buying the aitime.

    You also get a sim with £5.00.

    That would be £35 airtime for £30 and a free handset.

    Thats an immediate profit of £5.

    It's only a very basic phone but free.
    You could give it to your mum, gran or the kids.

    You could just sell both the phone and sim card if you already had a virgin phone and make even more.
  2. bdazzle New Member

    whats the CWH
  3. Matty New Member

    Carphone Warehouse.
  4. bdazzle New Member

  5. Terry Active Member

    Your such a dumbass lethal. Stop spamming with your useless ****ty posts.
  6. Area52 Active Member

    That is a good idea, Nice Find :D
  7. buffplayboy New Member

    can you also order it form the net... and can you give me the link if they have one
  8. karin New Member

    free payg phone

    You could try but I have seen this too and think you have to go to a shop as it says - ''ask in store for details''.

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