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Fs/ft 6x 02 Sims

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade/Wanted' started by csin01, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. csin01 New Member

    got 6 o2 sims for sale or for trade

    Brand new, in presentation envolope, ideal for xmas pressies.

    Postage is free, sent recorded.

    with these Sims you can get free 300 txts and 300 free wap mins for just £10 monthly but you dont always have to topup

    offers please

    numbers all are consecutive

    1. 07746 *22*00
    2. 07746 *22*99
    3. 07746 *22 88*
    4. 07746 *22891
    5. 07746 7*22892
    6. 07746 *22890

    offers pls
    will also trade for something
  2. young-sheezy New Member

    I guess im the only one. If you still have them , i'll give you £10.
  3. lilminxshell Brummie

    £10 for all or for one??
  4. Jennifer New Member

    il give u a tenner for one
  5. lilminxshell Brummie

    but it off the o2 website for £9.99
  6. Jennifer New Member

    lol i know
  7. lilminxshell Brummie

    im just gonna wait for them to go down again, i really need one as mine got stolen just 9 days after i got it!!!!!!
  8. Jennifer New Member

    shoulda ordered a few
  9. lilminxshell Brummie

    i klnow yer, didnt think at the time, oh well!
  10. csin01 New Member

    i still have 4 left
  11. The_Boy_Pitt New Member

    How much u want for 4?
  12. csin01 New Member

    il take £30 these 4 are gd numbers

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