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haha frank bruno

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by spiderbitez, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. spiderbitez New Member

    lol just been on the news frank bruno has been admitted to the nut ward

    enjoy your stay frank
  2. karl A Canadian Englishman

    serious? well i wont get that here yet lol well ne way man im off to ma bed gotta get up early the girl needs attention cya
  3. spiderbitez New Member

  4. pooley New Member

    he was meant 2 be hearin voices
  5. spiderbitez New Member

    its just from year of havin his head bounced around in the ring
  6. ANGELEYES New Member

    too many headshots
  7. spiderbitez New Member

    dont know what all the fuss is its all over the news on the radio,id have thought the risk were obvious with boxin its not gonna do ya head much good is it
  8. ANGELEYES New Member

    too rite that was the risk he took now he has to face the consequences
  9. spiderbitez New Member

    they should have put him in the nut house years ago has anyone seen the show he presents on challeng tv i think its called KNOCKOUT not to sure though.......anyway after seein that if i was a doc id have put him in a padded cell
  10. ANGELEYES New Member

  11. vegeta Active Member

    muhammed ali messed up as wel they sed it was due to boxin i think he got the parkinson disease
  12. spiderbitez New Member

    hes in a rrite joe mangle ali
  13. karl A Canadian Englishman

    lol a right joe mangle i aint herd dat sayin in a while
  14. spiderbitez New Member

    lol me either ive started comin out wiv all the old ones i used years ago for some bizzare reason
  15. Jennifer New Member

    he was sleepin in a tent in the garden an he thought he was frankie detorie the jocky haha nutter :/
  16. spiderbitez New Member

    lmfao is that true

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