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Happy birthday Cathy aka Cat

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by LuckyNats, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. LuckyNats ~ѕмѕмαѕтєяѕ ¢нαттєя вσχ~

    :sorcerer: hope you have a great day x
  2. barratt23 New Member

    Happy birthday Cat, hope you have a good 'un, all the best :)
  3. debz New Member

    happy birthday xxx
  4. neeraj New Member

    happy bday how rude she aint been on 2 say fank u lol jst jkin
  5. cathyquigley New Member

    ^ 'fank' you :eek:

    thanks everyone.

    tasha... why are you wishing me happy birthday anyway when it wasnt so long ago you were sending the police to my door for supposedly phoning your boyfriend or something
  6. LuckyNats ~ѕмѕмαѕтєяѕ ¢нαттєя вσχ~

    :furious: Like i told you on bebo ages ago forget it, i was just being nice and saying happy birthday! doesnt mean im talking to you! and he is my EX! and im not arguring with you im just saying you were caught! like i was getting text messages and phone calls from a different number to my number then you text him with your orignal number and when i went to phone it your number came up!

  7. cathyquigley New Member

    really. would you get over yourself.

    i couldnt care less if you talk to me or not.

    oh by the way, i wasnt 'caught' at anything. how the hell would i get his number. dont be so stupid and just think about it.

    why would i even waste my time anyway. jeekers, you really need to get over yourself.
    now please dont talk to me, and quit tellin people lies. thanks
  8. LuckyNats ~ѕмѕмαѕтєяѕ ¢нαттєя вσχ~

    :rolleyes: one word WHATEVER
  9. barratt23 New Member

    I'd say that was two words :rolleyes:
  10. JAMESMARSH1980 New Member

    Happy Birthday cat, have a good 1 and go mental !! xxx
  11. LuckyNats ~ѕмѕмαѕтєяѕ ¢нαттєя вσχ~


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