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Hey guys

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Liam, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. Liam New Member

    Might as well introduce myself...

    20 Year old turntablist Liam Parry, my home is near Cambridge but I'm currently residing in York, reading Astrophysics at York University.
  2. 1mmy New Member

    yo ppl its immy again, i lost my password and cant remember my email that i gave when i registered so u gace to start all over again!! :(
  3. Liam New Member

  4. gray_fox New Member

    welcome both of you lol
  5. cathyquigley New Member

    the avatar takes up half the flippin page
  6. Liam New Member

    Says you, Missy, with your giant moo cow and fag packet!

    Seriously, if that takes up half the page then you're running your desktop at a seriously low resolution.

    (Stop me if I'm patronising you...) most modern monitors are capable of displaying high resolotions and refresh rates, which not only helps things look much crisper, but gives you a bit more elbow room to play with (and clutter up) on your desktop. You can adjust these settings by right clicking on your desktop, selecting 'properties' and changing the parameters on the 'settings' tab.

    Over here I'm running 1280x1024@85Hz on a Sony 19" monitor and things look great.

    Sorry, that was all a bit off topic, but thought that might help... I just can't help being helpful sometimes, lol ;)
  7. SchrodingersCat New Member

    hello you guys. yea missB, you should Brush up on your Crt's and tft's. here, il give you some info aswell on my crt.:cool:

    Sony did not stop its development efforts with the GDM. The engineers aspired to create a Trinitron CRT with the world's highest display capacity, and the result was a masterpiece. In May 1988, Sony introduced a super high-resolution Data Display Monitor (DDM). It featured a 20-inch by 20-inch screen and 2,048 by 2,048 lines, and it was capable of full color reproduction. The DDM boasted twice the capacity of conventional displays then available for computer graphics and CAD/CAM-use, and it could display over 40,000 characters.

    The DDM was chosen by the US Federal Aviation Authority for use in their AAS (Advanced Automation System) next-generation air traffic control system. The AAS analyzes and manages information on aviation systems throughout the US. Thus, components used in the AAS must be highly sophisticated and extremely reliable. It was a milestone for Trinitron to be selected for such an important professional application.

    Trinitron technology also played a key role when NHK launched development efforts for what it called the next generation broadcasting system or high definition television. This new system was designed to process over four times the volume of information that conventional TV systems handle, by incorporating 1,125 scanning lines on the screen. This amounts to approximately double the number of lines on conventional NTSC standard screens.

    The development of the super high-resolution Trinitron CRT allowed what was previously impossible--the realization of image definition on par with that of 35 mm film. In April 1981, Sony announced its High Definition Video System (HDVS), the industry's first high definition system incorporating a monitor, camera and VTR. Three years later, when HDVS was launched, it received rave reviews: It's like seeing a glossy color photograph, and The scenery shown on the screen is so real that it's like one is looking out a window. Broadcasting professionals, film and program makers throughout the world were very impressed with this technology. The image quality was so high that it could even be used to appraise fine arts such as paintings, and antique drawings.

    Sony is the first company to commercialize the High Definition Video System (HDVS) in 1985

    In June 1994, a quarter of a century after the first Trinitron CRT was developed, the cumulative worldwide output of Trinitron CRTs exceeded 100 million units. The second half of this quantity was manufactured in only the last five years. The emergence of large screen, high-resolution TVs and the continuing growth in computer display demand reinforced the excellent reputation of Trinitron. Demand for Trinitron CRTs spread beyond home-use to applications in the broadcast and computer industries. This rapid increase in demand was met while Sony continued its policy of manufacturing close to its markets. Following construction of color TV plants, Sony built CRT production sites in Japan, the US, Europe and Asia. With the completion of the Singapore CRT plant in 1992, Sony could ship CRTs for color TVs from all four regions. In the United States, where demand for computer displays is extremely high, Sony set up a comprehensive production line in 1995.

    By the beginning of 1995, Sony had become the world's number one supplier of color televisions. The popularity of PCs for home-use had by then increased drastically, resulting in further growth in the computer display market. Meanwhile, the broadcast environment changed radically, as satellite and high definition transmissions became widespread in some markets.

    Sony introduced a new home-use television in Japan in October 1995. Known as PowerWide, this TV is capable of displaying three different sources simultaneously, including high definition television, and of serving as a PC display. The PowerWide TV is a wide-screen, 16 by 9 ratio monitor for the emerging multimedia age. The Trinitron CRT made it possible for the PowerWide product to display high definition images even in the corner of the screen.

    As user demands call for even higher resolution displays, Trinitron technology continues to evolve. When thinking about Trinitron's contributions over the years, Morita often said, The Trinitron is the most important asset after the 'S*O*N*Y' brand name


    [Edited on 17-9-2003 by SchrodingersCat]
  8. cathyquigley New Member

    jeese whats this. for a start LIAM i wasnt talking to YOU. i was talking to 1mmy. and i didnt mean it actually takes up half a page ffs. his avatar is a bit wider than everyone elses. no need for all that information thank u very much.
  9. Liam New Member

    Wow, somebody's a bit stroppy :p you'll hve to forgive me for posting in my own introduction thread :D
  10. Area52 Active Member

    Hello and welcome to sms masters. Firstly does "20 Year old turntablist" Mean you are a DJ?

    Secondly. SCAT, thanx for the essay ;).
  11. Liam New Member

    I'm not just a DJ, I'm a scratch artist. It means a lot more than just a DJ. I'll post some files sometime so you can see. It's all about making something totally new from samples and beats on records.

    I guess the best guy to referance for all you guys who don't understand turntablism would be DJ Shadow.
  12. morph New Member

    DJ Shadow is fucking sweet.. saw him live :bigsmile:

    did you see the docu on him a bit ago?
  13. Liam New Member

    Do you mean Scratch? That was actually a full blown film. i have a copy on DivX if you want one.

    Come talk to me, I'm a mod over on SonOfSnig (scratch artists board) http://sonofsnig.proboards21.com/
  14. morph New Member

    ill mebbe check it out when tha link works :rolleyes:

    more into my graff.
  15. Jonesy New Member

    welcome aboard
  16. vegeta Active Member

    yeh welcome to the forum!
  17. Liam New Member

    Link works fine. You dissin' my typin' skills? I'ma clown yo ass, foo'! CONSIDER YOURSELF SONNED!
    Nah, just playin'. Seriously though mate, the link works fine so come on over. There's a few heads who are into their paint as well, so post up and I'm sure you'll find a few cats, some who you might have even heard of
  18. morph New Member

    checked it out.. dont think ill be sticking around lol :p

    name some tag's on there n ill see if ive heard of em.
  19. Liam New Member

    I'm not into that side of things but I guess I'll find out

    Shame you're not sticking round SoS, it's only just getting off the ground since the original Snatchcon was closed
  20. morph New Member

    yup.. if there are any names i know i may have met em.

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