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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by crazydealer, Jan 2, 2005.

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  1. crazydealer New Member

    hey wats up dudes? i am here and i can help with some pc questions! just pm me! "Peace!"
  2. katzinthehouse New Member

    welcome 2 this forum!
  3. Area52 Active Member

    Hello and welcome to sms masters :D
  4. Epsos live each day as it comes

    helo and welcome to this forum enjoy your stay
  5. a_i786 New Member

    hey welcome to the site...
  6. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    The word you should have used is "PEACE" now run along and learn how to spell.
  7. crazydealer New Member

    don't worry mate! i was short of time on the net! so i thought i do short cut! now is it spelt right? i don't mind people commenting but if it gets too far i am real crazy about that!:mad: :rolleyes:
  8. adzlotus V i P Member

    welcome to smsmasters pal
  9. Dan New Member

    yeah welcome aboard crazy
  10. crazydealer New Member

    thanx every one! i think this forum is cool :cool: just like me!
  11. Dan New Member

    its great to be here it helps alot here
  12. Terry Active Member

    Nice to see theres at least one decent mod again ;)
  13. kingy1uk Member

    Correct me if im wrong but don't peace and piece have the same amount of letters? Thus the 'shortcut' theory being null and void.

    anyways....thank you please... piece out.
  14. daNi-L Extraordinary Girl

    lol what particular part of this sentence made me laugh?
  15. Terry Active Member

    lol, typical young boy thinkin he's cool.
  16. daNi-L Extraordinary Girl

    first prize to dude eggs lol
  17. Dan New Member

    lol crazy u r very cool *Cough NOT Cough*!!
  18. LuckyNats ~ѕмѕмαѕтєяѕ ¢нαттєя вσχ~

    thats a sin!!!

  19. LuckyNats ~ѕмѕмαѕтєяѕ ¢нαттєя вσχ~

    the particular part that made me laugh was "this forum is cool just like me!!!


    Crazy you crack me up!!!! hehehehehehehehe
  20. LuckyNats ~ѕмѕмαѕтєяѕ ¢нαттєя вσχ~

    LOL hehehehehehehehe "breath time" hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

    ahhh fcuk im LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
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