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Hi am Riya...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by riya, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. riya New Member

    hi everyone am riya from notts... am a new member to the site....hopin to get to know u all chow!!!
  2. karl A Canadian Englishman

    hi an welcome to the site!!!!
  3. csin01 New Member

    yo riya how ya doin and welcome to smsmasters
  4. Admin Administrator

    welcome...and enjoy ur time here
  5. SLIMSHADY33102 New Member

    hey welcum 2 the site
  6. Silentscorn New Member

  7. SchrodingersCat New Member

    hello riya. hope ya like da site.
  8. junger New Member

    hi riya, nice to have you among us. You'll love this place, I'm sure. Ciao
  9. snowman3310 New Member

    how are u doing? Ure gonna fit rite in here. I can tell
  10. greenie New Member

    hi riya!!
  11. cathyquigley New Member

    hello :wave:
  12. riya New Member

    hi every1 thanxs for teh warm welcom lol... am fine thanks ppl how to u gusy around....bye
  13. riya New Member

    ok that msg was bit weaird lets start again ....am fine thanks ppl hope to see u guys around! thats better byee
  14. badman New Member

    hey riya, im nu 2!! gud site tho, jus duno dat much bout it n dat!! lol
  15. Area52 Active Member

    hello and welcome to sms masters mate :)
  16. riya New Member

    yeh its gona take time to get to know the whole site!
  17. *sexy* New Member

    hey...howz u..? welcome...:D
  18. riya New Member

    hey am fine thanxs!
  19. debz New Member

    hi riya
  20. Jonesy New Member

    wellcome aboard

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