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Hi guys

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by The Rock, Jun 18, 2002.

  1. The Rock New Member

    Hi guys i'm new here and i would like to introduce myself to you.Also i would like to say that this is a lovely site and the forum is really nice,and i believe it will have success!!
  2. Phoenix ٠ вåřьẻŗ ٠

    cheers mate, the admin here is great, ull soon get to know him!
  3. malitrait New Member

    too right! i just registered, having a poke around. this place looks awesome!
  4. neverperfect New Member

    yes it is isn't it?
  5. neverperfect New Member

    nice isnt it
  6. sexyjade New Member

    yeah da layout is pretty coll and more original and different to the other forums.
  7. jackass New Member

    hey sexy jade u sound SWEET
  8. sexyjade New Member

    thank u sexy jackass!! lol
  9. jackass New Member

    iam blushin i hav gone all embarised now lol
    (i cnt spell either so dnt bother tryin to pick up on my spellings lol)
  10. sexyjade New Member

    i am a bit of a dumbass! hehe I type 2 quick and so make tuns of mistakes! oops! Soz if i embarased u sexyjackass! lol
  11. jackass New Member

    lol stop it iam goin to go all red and be like hidin from all ppl
  12. neverperfect New Member

    i see chemistry being used does anyone else see it?
  13. Admin Administrator

    i see jackass is *cough* cherpzin sexyjade. i bet ur soon gonna :sx: :sx: :lol:
  14. neverperfect New Member

    who me? no way, there's someone who i have my mind on but won't be disclosing it to anyone
  15. jackass New Member

    o yes neverperfect whom is the lucky lassy u like eh???????

    yes sexyjade is FINEEEE and i wudnt mind givin her a quikeeee round the bike sheds hehe
  16. neverperfect New Member

    well like i said im not gonna disclose her identity to anyone and second of all good luck to u
  17. jackass New Member


    gone on man tell us whom the lucky lady is man iam not goin to tell her am i i dnt even no her hehe

    o btw neverperfect wots yur real name

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