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How do i unlock??

Discussion in 'Mobile Unlocking' started by eminem, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. eminem REAL Lyrical Masta

    how do i unlock a phone???
  2. takt29 New Member

    all depends what phone it is
  3. eminem REAL Lyrical Masta

    3410 and 33**
  4. Admin Administrator

    u need a datacable...
  5. eminem REAL Lyrical Masta

    yea i know im gettin 1 durin the week so how do i do it?
  6. dimension New Member

    I'd use eeprom tools, there is another thread about it I think.
  7. eminem REAL Lyrical Masta

    ok well ill find out when i get the data cable! :D:D:D thanx Dimension
  8. dimension New Member

    Yeh, the software you need is on the cd that'll send ya. Cheers mate
  9. eminem REAL Lyrical Masta

    o k thanx mate
  10. cyberduck Member

    how do u unlock a siemans c45 wiv a data cable and does ne 1 know where i can get cheap 3330 ,3210 and 3510i data cables?
  11. Bob New Member

    you can get the data cables from the sponser for cheap. A program is available (i think) for the c25 called "c25 unlock".you will need a data cable.
  12. cyberduck Member

    soz 4got to mesion that the data cables hav to fit a mac power pc 6100/66
  13. Bob New Member

    i dunno about them being mac compatiable.can you not just use a mates or school pc to unlock your phone?
  14. cyberduck Member

    i dont want it jus to unlock i want to search 4 smscs as well u see so i duno
  15. Bob New Member

    i dont think that you can serch with a siemens.I never came accross much software for them.
  16. cyberduck Member

    no ill b usin a nokia 3330
  17. Bob New Member

    well you will need a seperate cable for a nokia.They can be got of the sponser. The software is listed in "free smsc".
  18. eminem REAL Lyrical Masta

    he knows that bob :D he was just told on up by u ...lol
  19. Bob New Member

    stop this spammin jordan.Ya wont get the golden ticket to the smsc section without proper posts.
  20. Ongobay Active Member

    Im deleting them all Bob, in future if u see any random posts just click on report post

    [Edited on 11-3-2003 by ongobay]

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