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I dont Have VCDs i have DVDs and i may swap 4 a good deal

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade/Wanted' started by neo, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. neo New Member

    iv read the list of the other person who is tradin VCDs i have all the movies on her list plus more plus i have them all on DVD imported and i am gettin more at the end of this month because i get Imported DVD's in at the end of every month so for good deals i might swap plus i am gettin terminator 3 at the end of this month and matrix 2 & 3 Yaaaaaaaahooooooo

    :camper::sx::shootingsoldier: :) :(
    :D ;)
    :cool: :mad:
    :eek: :p
    :barfy: :bigsmile:
    :bisou: :bouncing:
    :bouncy: :cul:
    :cool_rsvd: :duh:
    :eureka: :grin:
    :kiss: :lol:
    :flaming: :no:
    :puzzled: :regan:
    :roll: :rolleyes:
    :saint: :shocked2:
    :smilegrin: :smug:
    :sniff: :spin:
    :wow: :yes:
    :arse: :beer:
    :starwars: :toilet:
    :respect: :pimp:
    :ld: :dance:
    :wizard: :wave:
    :fag: :love:
    :gangsta: :weed:
    :rocket: :wny:
    :clap: :bricks:
    :crying: :mix:
    :shout: :bond:
    :cheers: :hat:
    :axe: :hardnut:
    :devil: :microwave:
    :hang: :boid:
    :viking: :monkey:
    :camper: :fucku:
    :sx: :rockband:
    :sleepy: :samurai:
    :puke: :king:
    :bat2: :bawling:
    :ninja: :axe:
    :headsup: :beheaded:
    :spam: :censored:
    :shootingsoldier: :iamwithstupid:
    :speechless smiley: :disapprove:
    :devil flame: :biggrinjester:
    :army tank: :ssj:
    :rofl: :jam:
    :Dj: :munch:
  2. SubSir0 New Member

    Willing To Trade

    Hi m8,
    Ill do some trading :D
  3. Area52 Active Member

    Calm down on the Smileis please.

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