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i need some advice on what to do?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Epsos, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. Epsos live each day as it comes

    okay this may sound really andom but i have just started my 6th form you had to get a point score to get in of 5.0 instead of 5 c's i have been there jus lest than 2 school weeks and it is probly the worst mistake i have done i took business ict and design tech here where it went wrong ict being my favourite lesson was an absolute waste of my time i had done al the work that we are doing when i was about 11 so it is realy boring

    business i did for gcse and was realy good and got a good grade now its really boring

    and design is blatently hard cus im no artist my stick men look like wonky lines but anyways

    only 3 of my close mates have gone to 6th form everyone else has gone to collage and everyone is saying how awesome it is

    cus like 2 days ago id got only 1 lesson 2nd period and all the rest free but my lesson got cancelled so i had a whole day with no lessons and i wernt allowed to go homw

    so here is my question to you should i go collage or should i stick it out at 6th form

    sorryt his is long sorry for muistake sorry if you have fallen asleep reading this sorry

    thankyou for any input

  2. jenkinsalun New Member

    Hmm on your story I'd go to college! I've just joined 6th form and loads of my mates have come back, I will agree I'm doing ICT, Business and French, dropped law. ICT is boring - did it for GCSE, Business - yet to work out what its going to be like, didn't do that for GCSE. French should be good for me thankfully, my best subject!
    But I'd move to college if I were you mate, it depends on whether or not you are happy with whats available to you I suppose.
  3. Matt Soopa Doopa Moderator

    I started college this week, think it's brilliant!

    Wouldnt have even thought of going to a 6th form at school. Our 6th form is still at college (Even though I don't got to 6th form)..

    I've done an ICT course this week and it was boring and did most of it last year so got a transfer today to business first diploma.

    Gd luck though. Doubt it's too late to move to college.
  4. cathyquigley New Member

    do whatever would make you happy. its your future, noone elses.
  5. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    exactly as cat said, do what makes you happy. I hated college 3 years ago but now I'm doing a 2 week course in cable tv, broadband and telephone network engineering for ntl and go straight into work after, having a good time doing that at the moment.
  6. cybersonic New Member

    dude im doing 6th form and it aint so bad! all my mates r der and everyfingz kull. im doin human bio, maths mechanics, chemistry and polotics. if college is wat u wna do den do it m8 but remember...if ur 6th form is good then u might aswell stay...ull always meet nu people and make new friends...just give it sum tym
  7. Epsos live each day as it comes

    cheers everyone i know its what will make me happy i just have my good and bad days but hopefully after prbation oct half term we should be alowed to go home in free periods so that should be better i was hoping older people would input on it as they will hav been there thankyou all of you i have decided i am going to stick 6th form even tho it will proberlky be hard but i got to jus work at it

    and i agree with you all i have done everything they are doing in ictso in the end of the day easy a level lol

    thankyou all anyways
  8. scott.herring Active Member

    I had to leave 6th form at my school because i hated it....
    I went to college and enjoyed that a lot more even though i didn't last the whole time there! Education isn't my thing.

    All being said, you should go on what you feel yourself as you may live to regret leaving because of our opinions

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