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Im admin

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Admin, May 4, 2003.

  1. Wot a fukkin prick!!
  2. snowman3310 New Member

  3. tha geeza who started this thread- admin.

    'Hi, Im new in here' - - - - WTF??!!
  4. snowman3310 New Member

  5. roadkill New Member

    Please let me stick my key in you ignition eh admin?

    You say that to all the girls?

    Mood: ignition :smug:
  6. cathyquigley New Member

    i dont get it. explain
  7. roadkill New Member

    He means let me take my díck out and stick it up your fanny, and then you`ll go vroom vroom like a screaming engine.
  8. cathyquigley New Member

    jordan shh. god, i was just playin dumb :disapprove:
  9. roadkill New Member

    I know you were, and i was deliberately rude to knock it out of u, :rolleyes:
  10. cathyquigley New Member

    u always did that to me :disapprove:
  11. roadkill New Member

    Did what to you ? :puzzled:
  12. cathyquigley New Member

    when i played dumb u always just came straight out with all ur dirty filth :disapprove:
  13. roadkill New Member

    Its not dirty filth :mad:

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