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im back!!!!!!

Discussion in 'SMSC' started by superunknown, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. superunknown Member

    gimme a seeker software... its been awhile!
  2. superunknown Member

    nice to see fellow seekers here
  3. superunknown Member

    nice to see fellowq seekers here
  4. barratt23 New Member

    What do you mean your back, youve been registerd 4 days, you cant of been far
  5. Admin Administrator

    I remember this guy from like 3 years ago.
  6. superunknown Member

    lol, im the greatest seeker... next to prhedrik and shadowcloak if u knew them @barratt
  7. superunknown Member

    hows things admin.. musta?
  8. barratt23 New Member

    Nah i dont them, ive seen phredrik post around this place recently, but seeking isnt my thing, welcome anyhow :)
  9. superunknown Member

    no worries.. lol
  10. spankyz New Member

    oi superUNKNOWN pinoy ka pala... turo mo nman san ka kumuha ng SMSC mo... hehee tnx!

    hello peeps!
  11. superunknown Member

    havnt been seeking for years.. i remember i uses smscseeker v 1 by peterh.. then shadowcloak made me a smsc seeker software special edition just for me. but i dont hav a copy of it now.. its called smartfind superunknown edition..
  12. superunknown Member

    anyways, try my hompage. it doesnt have ay free smsc . its just for fun..
  13. manish Active Member

    remember me Superunknown?
  14. superunknown Member

    manish mate!!!! hows things????
  15. superunknown Member

    glad to see some old friends here..manish m8.. i need a seeker software to start seeking..
  16. Area52 Active Member

    Daryl is that you mate?

    What do you mean the greatest seeker?

    Well you did teach me a thing or two.

    How the devil are you?
  17. djmonsi New Member

    thats not daryl Area52
  18. daryl New Member

    I am here. :)
    Area52, why have u thought like that? :p I am still using one nick. :->
  19. vije New Member

    Welcome back . Keep seeking alive.
  20. Area52 Active Member

    The one im talking about is not poland, hes from the philipeans

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