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---In YOUR Face--- You Requested so you'll get it!

Discussion in 'Mobile Unlocking' started by Salami1_1, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Salami1_1 Member

    Somebody requested a 'in YOUR Face Competition' update with EXCLUSIVE Relocking functionality

    ------- SnapDragon, Tegra, Exynos Samsung Series ------
    Exclusive RELOCK to ANY network of YOUR choice:
    [+] I777 I896 I897 I927 I987 I9000 I9003 I9008 I9010
    [+] I9020 I9023 I9088 I9100 I9103 I9108 I9188 I9300
    [+] I9308 N7000 N7100 N8000 N8005 P1000 P3100 P5100
    [+] P6200 P6201 P6800 P7100 P7300 P7500 P7501 SC01C
    [+] SC01D SC02B SC02C SC02D SC04D T849 T859 T869
    [+] T959 T969V

    --------- BroadComm Samsung Series --------------
    Exclusive RELOCK to ANY Network of YOUR choice:
    [+] B5510 B5510B B5510L B5512 B5512B S5300 S5300B
    [+] S5300C S5300L S5302 S5302B S5360 S5360B S5360L
    [+] S5360T S5363 S5367 S5369 S5570i S5690 S5690B
    [+] S5690L S5690M S5690R S5830C S5830i S5830M
    [+] S5830V S5839i S6010 S6012 S6102 S6102B S6108
    [+] S6352 S6802 S6802B

    [+] Updated NVM Repair files
    [+] Some Changes in Port Detection Function
    [+] Increased speed code reading S3570 (chat)
    [+] Auto TempRoot Android 2.1 and 2.2 phones
    [+] Improved imei repair option in Android phones

    IMEI Remote Server
    [+] Updated Alcatel PID database with new PIDs
    [+] Updated Blackberry Database with new 2800+ PRDs
    [+] Blackberry MEP-04598-006 support
    [+] Emporia RL1 Code Calculation by IMEI
    [+] Emporia RL2 Code Calculation by IMEI
    [+] Emporia V20m Code Calculation by IMEI
    [+] Emporia V35 Code Calculation by IMEI
    [+] Emporia V36 Code Calculation by IMEI
    [+] Emporia VF1 Code Calculation by IMEI
    [+] Emporia VF4 Code Calculation by IMEI
    [+] Emporia V170 Code Calculation by IMEI

    And do you remember our still 100% Unique and FREE functions:
    Free phone lock reset / patter lock bypass
    Free Samsung Product Code Changer
    NEW: Free BaseBand Repair tool (4 different methods!) - often needed to repair IMEI in case you IMEI is null or all zeros

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    Note you are required to mention our url; www.UnlockSamsungOnline.com in the video and also place this link in video description on Youtube. You can do it in your own language!

    I'll bet you're at least half as excited as we are to get your SRS accounts but let me ask you a question...

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    As always, all the best from
    SRS Team

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