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inflammatory language

Discussion in 'Website Issues & Suggestions' started by handley, Jun 24, 2005.

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  1. handley New Member

    Important note to moderators.

    What is the Forum's policy on racist/discriminatory use of language??

    It is time for you to state you attitude!!

    (Please see; - Network discussion'' - ''O2'' -

    re. use of phrase - ''retarded Indian'' ).

    Can't we have a more adult attitude, or do we really want the forum to degenerate into a board for bigots???
  2. smsc-mad smsc-mad.Remo.Fibbler1

    thats true, we need more mods
  3. cathyquigley New Member

    oh for gods sake. whats wrong with saying retarded indian? [IMG] have you people nothing else to bother you..?
  4. Terry Active Member

    We don't need more mods at all. All we need is the mods we have got to post more or to demote them and choose new mods that will actually do the "job" properly.
  5. Matty New Member

    Thanks for bringing up my post, although I would like to say; starting a new thread was completley unessecary, you have already replied in the original topic and now are now making a complete fool of yourself twice.

    As I said in my post, what I said was NOT racist at all, and a mod has already replied in that post confirming what I said. Now another mod has replied in this post, confirming everything you've said on the matter so far is completley wrong.

    The word "retarded" could be classed as discriminative, I admit, but so could "bigot"
    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! :rolleyes:

    You are just an insignificant newbie, now arguing with Moderators who have over 1,000 posts, and who have been with this forum for months/years on end. Stop trying to draw attention to yourself, you saw there was a strong argument against me on the original post, so you thought you'd get everyone on your side by making this one.

    Now I'm afraid I class you as a retard, trying to stir ****, and digging for friends using every method you can possibly think of. I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking this after your streams of selfish posts.
  6. handley New Member


    That tirade just proves my point.
  7. Area52 Active Member

    We may need more regular mods, as i have a busy work life, busy enpire and a busy socail life, i clean up the forums in my free time! But i do try to get on as often as possible!
  8. Epsos live each day as it comes

    i do naf all all day every day

    anyways i didnt think that was racist at all cum on think about it its okay for black people to say "wasup my nigga" (mentioned by someone earlier) but when someone not that colour joins in its turned to racism i think its gone to far now by saying indian if you are a indian you are a indian like english are english i dont get offenede when someone says your english or something like that

    i think to stop all this the posts should be deleted threads closed and words "that suposidly are racist" should be banned
  9. Matty New Member

    I don't deserve to be banned, just because some (retarded) newbie thinks I'm racist.

    This same newbie has now gotten my original post closed by a moderator for going off topic. :mad:

    Also, deleting the posts is unnesecary, as I know what I've said is fair, and deleting a fair post is stupid.
  10. Area52 Active Member

    You can not ban the word indian, what happens if some one says

    " i had a lovley Indian last night"
    "whats the Indian smsc again?"

    You have to use the word in the correct context!
  11. G-UNIT New Member

    yea but saying retarded indian thats classifying them as useless in other words thats racisim ok what if i was to say retarded white people
  12. crazydealer New Member

    just filter the word retarded then!
  13. Matty New Member

    That's racist, because white people is plural and your classing them all as retards.

    I said "indian" classing only one Indian as a retard, which isn't exactly racist because as Orangefre@k said in the original post, you can get retarded englishmen aswell.
  14. G-UNIT New Member

    plaural or no plaural racisim is racisim people like you are wot cause poverty n minority matty you just a shmuck with a big mouth over the net
  15. Matty New Member

    OK, now this is pissing me off, I say "reatarded indian" and now all of a sudden, I'm causing poverty.

    G-UNIT, you seem to have better to do, than pick fights on here all day. No wonder you have -2 repuation.

    I honestly don't see why you said that, we were having a perfectly fair argument and you have to go and do the standard G-UNIT thing, and threaten or degrade someone in a stupid unthoughtful reply.

    If you thought before you posted, you would do OK on here, it's your verbal diorehha that's driving you downhill. And your saying I'm "big mouth over the net" :rolleyes:
  16. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    Nobody Is Or Was Being Racist Ffs, Get Over It Whoevers Got A Problem.
  17. smsc-mad smsc-mad.Remo.Fibbler1

    Thats definatly wrong. and as for : "wassup ma nigga", this isnt one person calling another person in a deliberatly insulting manner so it is not racist.
  18. G-UNIT New Member

    wow ok soz matty was kinda beeing harsh but -amo- you talkin to me bout racisim wernt you the one that was calling me a yellow gook n saying go bak to your country even tho i was born here
  19. Terry Active Member

    He might of been referring to a retarded indian curry.
  20. r4ge Active Member

    The word can be racist depending on what way you use it. It isn't racist when talking about themselves 'wasup my nigga' but it is when its some combat18 bigot 'we're gonna go out and kill some niggers' or whatever they say. When someone not that colour joins in it is usually intended to cause offense to someone that isn't the same race as themselves.

    Not some retarded indian on the phone, maybe thats what hes saying? You bring race into it when it really has nothing to do with it, its an untrained worker O2 have stuck on the phones to cut costs. :yes: They're all doing it now. The english customer services weren't any better when i was on O2 anyway.

    I wouldn't have taken offense from the original post.
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