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[Installed] ibProArcade Installation

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Admin, Jan 19, 2005.

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  1. Admin Administrator

    The best arcade system for vBulletin is currently being installed.

    ibProArcade is a professional arcade system for your vBulletin forum. Our features and game list is second to none! Here is a listing of most of the major features and some screenshots...

    -Different interface choices done by ACP or on a per user basis (The ibProArcade look, or if you like v3arcade you can select that skin)
    -"Favorites" feature allows you to select certain games that you particularly like to keep in a favorites menu for easy access (great for large arcades)
    -Custom game sorting by name, filesize, rating, etc.
    -Game ratings done per user.
    -Fully "phrased" so translations are made easy. We already have the arcade translated into 5 different languages I do believe.
    -Arcade ModCP to take care of comment editing, score pruning, member management, tournaments, etc.
    -Full tournament system creatable via the Admin CP or Arcade ModCP to pit players one on one. (version 3.0 of the arcade will allow users to create tournaments)
    -Report module will let you see how an individual has done over all the games as a whole (shows how many first, second, third, and top 10 finishes they've had)
    -Newest Games interface allows you to easily access the latest games added.
    -TAR game installation (as well as manual or via SQL query). Tar game installation allows you to upload a game_whatever.tar file to the arcade, then press one button via the Admin CP to install it. No more worrying about putting certain files in certain places and running an installer.
    -Category system intuitively lays out the different game genre's settable via the Admin CP. Also has an ALL game feature where you can have different cats, but then have another one that just shows all of the games as well.
    -Advanced game statistics allow you to see how many times a game has been played, what its rating is, who has the high score, etc.
    -Via the ACP you can set whether you want ALL scores to be recorded or just the TOP score.
    -User has a control panel in the arcade to set the default game sorting, games to show per page, scores to show per page, which skin to use, and the default cat to view.
    -Active users function shows where everyone is in the arcade. You can choose which areas of the arcade this is displayed.
    -In game interface shows what the game objective is and what are the game's controls.
    -Set post requirements to play (either minimum # of posts or minimum posts per day)
    -Auto score prune feature that allows you to set a time interval to prune all scores.
    -You can set whether each game's scores are ranked Ascending or Descending (in case you have some minigolf games where less is better)
    -Fully functioning Admin CP allows control over every minute detail of the arcade.
    -Crowns in the postbit show who is the champion of each game when they post.
    -WOL support will show you who's doing what in the arcade and give you a direct link to their location.
    -Over 1200 native ibProArcade games available as well as v3arcade game compatibility. The ibProArcade games can be found at http://www.ibprogames.com. We also support games from pnFlashGames.com. Our game library is the most extensive out of any online arcade system.
  2. Matt Soopa Doopa Moderator

    Glad to hear it!
  3. Admin Administrator

    Arcade has been installed!
  4. Jonesy New Member

    Ah yes, nice one JD. Does that mean i have to get all my highscores back again.... oh well..... ;)
  5. Admin Administrator

    This new arcade has a tournament system.
  6. Andrea Active Member

    Cool. I'll have to give it a go sometime, even though i wasnt good the last time it was installed. lol
  7. adzlotus V i P Member

    nice 1 JD, iv bin waiting ages for that!
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