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Is there any cheeper sms servise ?

Discussion in 'SMS' started by RichyFreeman, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. RichyFreeman New Member

    I have been looking but i have not fount cheeper sms service that Icould put on my website. If you know any cheeper place than this http://www.42it.eu/, let me know.

  2. RichyFreeman New Member

    http://www.42it.eu/ asks a 0,019 € per message

    https://www.vyke.com asks a 0,016 € per message, but they dont offer sms sending service to oder web sites.
  3. RichyFreeman New Member

    http://www.42it.eu/ smsc number that they are using is +639180001250

    https://www.vyke.com smsc number that they are using is +31626000230

    Dose anybody knows who owns those sms centers ?
  4. djmonsi New Member

    yah betamax provides unlimited sms for 3 euro worldwide.
  5. flodis79 New Member

    Which Betamax clone does this? Link?
  6. djmonsi New Member

    well m8...just google for voipwise or voipraider and you will get links to many other webpages from betamax. voip calls from betamax are dead cheap too...
  7. flodis79 New Member

    i know most of the betamax clones already.. Voipcheap,sipdiscount,voipdiscount,etc etc.. But where is the deal with unlimited sms for 3 euro? They advertise 0cent texts but it is only to a limited number of countries. Pls let me know about the 3 euro deal, thanks..
  8. djmonsi New Member

    man i dont remember the link. but they got..they promote them on those voip sites. when i get the link will info. you.
  9. RichyFreeman New Member

    They offer 30 sms free in one week but after that amount you will pay normal rate

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