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lack experience but have potential

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by AngelicaPickles, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. AngelicaPickles New Member

    Well (obviously) I'm new to all this and thought I would make myself known to you peeps. I'm 20 (still haven't accepted it though, wish to remain teenager) and live in a place that's no more exciting than any other.
    Somone told me about this site, they were proabably on commission ;) and thought I would check it out. Started to get a bit interested in all this after being given the occassional free SMSC number, who isn't interested in freebies ay!! And also want to put new LEDs in my 3330e (prehistoric mobile that needs cheering up) But am too scared to get the old soldering iron out at the moment....no way am I paying someone 20 odd quid to do it for me either!
    By the way, I'm a nice person and good looking too (hehee) hope that boosts me ratings ;)
  2. Fluffie New Member

    hello there! welcome the the forum of joy.
  3. king New Member

  4. debz New Member

    hiya AngelicaPickles!!!!! ..how are you?..i dont blame u wantin to stay a teenager lol
  5. cathyquigley New Member

    hello :wave: i love angelica pickles :D shes my favourite :bigsmile:
  6. debz New Member

    Cathy u big baby!! j/k ..shes mine too :D!
  7. cathyquigley New Member

    im not a baby, everyone loves rugrats! :bigsmile:
  8. Fluffie New Member

    but she is evil! the dog spike is the best!
  9. debz New Member

    yeah i no even ma mum lyks rugrats!!!!..she sez im lyk angelica :( i think not!!!
  10. Admin Administrator

    welcome to smsmasters forum :wave:
  11. Area52 Active Member

    Hello and welcome to Smsmasters :)
  12. karl A Canadian Englishman

    :wave: hi welcome to the forum not every new member takes time to write a lil essay if u want on how she/he came to be her was nice to see :p
  13. littlecuttie New Member

    :wave: hello and welcome to sms masters :)
  14. Dj_rudeness New Member

    welcome, hope u enjoy it as much as us lot. and ladies, please stay on topic, i know u gals like to chat but in another place please,
    sorry to sound harsh, just stickin to rules

  15. AngelicaPickles New Member

    thanks everyone, yeh about the essay I took a look at how other people introduced themselves and realised I had gone on a bit oops, should learn to shut up I guess ;)
  16. Gary New Member

    Hey welcome to the Forums enjoy :)
  17. Jonesy New Member

    wellcome aboard

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