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Liverpool Sign A Top Player

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dan, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Dan New Member

    Real Madrid have aggreed to let Fernando Morientes go to Liverpool for £6.3 Million. He has to pass his medial test thursday, lets hope he passes that test and goes to Liverpool they need a good striker along with the best midfielder in britian Steven Gerrard they deserve a good striker like Morientes so everyone, Say what you think about him Moving to Liverpool
  2. Jonesy New Member

    Erm..... et'o is better, he would make him look stupid ;)
  3. Dan New Member

    morientes is a quality player...who is et'o?
  4. dava New Member

    samuel is better but so what? morientes is just what liverpool need, what about that other guy they got from valencia i think it is
  5. Dan New Member

    Samuel aint he a defender for real madrid! who is et'o i dont know him i know ronaldinho hes kinda crap tho
  6. Samuel Et'o plays up front for Barca.. He's good but he snubbed us so he can feck off. Don't like players playing for us just to be at Liverpool and to earn more.

    Morientes is quality when on form. The reason we didn't get Et'o is because he is fast and likes the ball played to him. We already have Baros and Cisse who both are amazingly fast, especially Cisse!

    The combination now is just right, as Morientes is not that fast, but is good in the air, great finisher and holds the ball up well. Should play perfect with Baros, Cisse or Pongolle/Mellor. Bring on the mancs in Saturday!!
  7. Terry Active Member

    Obviously Manu are going to win 2-0 saturday :rolleyes:
  8. dava New Member

    i was saying samuel as in his first name, that ok with you?
  9. dava New Member

    yer yer
  10. Dan New Member

    well samuel is a good defender been reading his time at real madrid seems to get alot of yellow cards

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